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Liza Minnelli: Superstar of All Things Entertainment

Since the age of 14 months, Liza Minnelli graced the entertainment business, as a jane of all trades. She has worked across multiple platforms: television, film, theatre, and music. Her remarkable presences have never gone unnoticed, winning Tony Awards,  Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and an Emmy. Due to health conditions, …

The Timeless Joan Collins

On this Throwback Thursday we pay homage to the talented and ageless Joan Collins. The remarkable woman is celebrating her 81st birthday tomorrow May 23rd, and also the release of her new film “The Time of Their Lives”. She recently spoke about this new film at the Cannes Film Festival, …

Jackie O’s Impeccable Style

We are reminded of Jackie, as the anniversary of her passing is this Monday, May 19th. Her legacy continues to be deeply embedded into our culture, especially regarding her impeccable style.