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Battle of Versailles

Battle of Versailles Fashion Show

It all happened one fabulous night in November 1973, but it started with Eleanor Lambert.  Eleanor Lambert was often called “the mother of the industry” because of her historic feats as a fashion publicist through the 75-years of her career. She created most of the best-known fashion shows today such …

Halston Star Krysta Rodriguez on Playing Liza Minnelli

“She wasn’t afraid of playing the ‘messy’ girl, the girl that might turn you off, and you can’t help but pay attention and love it,” said actor Krysta Rodriguez, who plays Minnelli on Netflix’s Halston. Halston is the Netflix limited series on the life of American Fashion Designer Roy Halston. Living …

Ryan Murphy’s Halston Biopic

    Ryan Murphy’s Halston Biopic “After a long 20 years of twists and turns, the limited series ‘Halston’ starring the fantastic Ewan McGregor began production today. I am so proud of our director and leader Dan Minahan, and Christine Vachon of Killer Films. I am thrilled to be producing …

What Halston, Minnelli & Mosbacher Have In Common

It has been nearly twenty-five years since American fashion designer Halston passed away, but his artistic legacy remains a permanent feature of American style.

Judy Garland: Comeback Queen

This week was was the anniversary of Judy Garland’s passing, and we look back at her incredible life as a performer.

Liza Minnelli: Superstar of All Things Entertainment

Since the age of 14 months, Liza Minnelli graced the entertainment business, as a jane of all trades. She has worked across multiple platforms: television, film, theatre, and music. Her remarkable presences have never gone unnoticed, winning Tony Awards,  Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and an Emmy. Due to health conditions, …