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JUDY : Renée Zellweger Faces an Iconic Challenge

After Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, something was quite clear: Musical biopics were back in full force.  That’s why the announcement of JUDY, a Judy Garland biopic, doesn’t surprise us.  Garland was an absolute entertainment icon. Her portrayal of Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz is still amazing after 80 years, and we …

Judy Garland: Comeback Queen

This week was was the anniversary of Judy Garland’s passing, and we look back at her incredible life as a performer.

Liza Minnelli: Superstar of All Things Entertainment

Since the age of 14 months, Liza Minnelli graced the entertainment business, as a jane of all trades. She has worked across multiple platforms: television, film, theatre, and music. Her remarkable presences have never gone unnoticed, winning Tony Awards,  Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and an Emmy. Due to health conditions, …