Barbara Nelson: A Dynamic Personality in Aiken, South Carolina

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In Aiken, South Carolina, Barbara Nelson is a name to be recognized with dual roles: as a Master of Foxhounds (MFH) at Whiskey Road Foxhounds and as a significant contributor to the Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare

Barbara nelson featured in Aiken Woman Magazine.

In association with the SPCA, the Albrecht Center is a state of the art veterinary care center where their three main mission principals are: to provide a no-kill shelter for adoptable pets, to offer affordable spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations, and to educate the public about the proper care of animals.   


As a nonprofit organization (est. in 1935) the SPCA Albrecht Center has found countless homes for needy animals over the last 82 years. This could not have been accomplished without professional staff, volunteers and the support of their local community. As Hunt Week Chair/Whipper In at Whiskey Roads Foxhounds, Barbara Nelson directly coordinates the general activities along with David Smith, Lynn Smith, and Freddy Davis.

Irene with Janelle and Bob Super.
Irene with Janelle and Bob Super.

Combining the elements of physical exertion, mental focus, a love of the hounds, and the spirit of adventure foxhunting is truly a sport to be discovered. In addition, the camaraderie of fellow riders, a respect for the intelligence of the hounds (as they sniff out and pursue their quarry) all add up to a unique outdoor experience unlike any other. Whether you’re a 20-year veteran or a beginning novice, when the wind blows against your face as your horse gallops across an open field, the adventure of foxhunting will never be taken for granted and will always remain exciting.

Calming aquarium in the center of the animal shelter.

The SPCA Albrecht Center is an ample 22,000 square-foot facility sitting upon fenced-in grounds with plenty of room for the animals to romp. It was designed by architect Steve Jensen who is known for his work being animal-centric both and function and design. In the Dog Adoption Center, for example, you’ll find aromatherapeutic hallways along with calming music.

Each dog suite has a window.
Each dog suite has a window.

This exceptional adoption facility and animal shelter have also been awarded recognition from organizations PetSmart Charities Spay & Neuter Blitz Grant, HSUS Emergency Placement Partners Award, the Challenge Grant and more.

As a generous benefactor for an animal clinic that specializes in spay/neuter services and as a Master of Foxhounds, Barbara Nelson stands out as a leader who excels at her passions. She is also appreciative and proud to acknowledge the help of others. At Whiskey Road Foxhounds, that would include Joint Masters: David Smith (President, Whipper In) Lynn Smith (Treasurer, Whipper In) and newcomer Freddy Davis (First Flight Field Master.)

Whiskey Road Foxhounds
Whiskey Road Foxhounds

Barbara Nelson is clearly an eye-opening innovator whose accomplishments are excellent examples for others to follow.

A special thanks to Bob and Janelle Super for the wonderful introduction to Barbara Nelson and the Whiskey Road Foxhounds.

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