Beauty Trends for 2019

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Trends change all the time, but it is always important to get ahead of them before they gain popularity, and then finally go out. The good thing about knowing beauty trends is that they help you add that extra spice to your personal style.

2019 is only a few days away and some trends are already warming up to the New Year. Here are the upcoming trends that will rock the beauty industry for the better part of the New Year.

Beauty Trends Nails are every girl’s best friend. This passing year has been exciting for the nail industry but we seem to be heading towards even greater trends. Watch out 2019, it’s going to be a game-changing, nail season.

  • Powder nails

Powder nails have always lurked around but were hardly recognized. With more ladies craving a long-lasting manicure, powder nails are gradually gaining their popularity in beauty.

  • Ombre colored nails

Creativity is at its peak with ombre colored nails. If you can’t pull off these color combos yourself, visit a nail salon for a professional touch.

  • Shimmer nails

This is one for the holiday season. Shimmery nails bring all the glitter and glamour to your nails. They are coming in strong with the New Year.

  • Almond nails

It has been eventful indeed with nail shapes this year. Thankfully, we may be able to put the coffin nails to rest, as almond nails stage a grand entrance. The rounded, beautiful nail designs are already gaining momentum.

  • Eyes

It was wonderful being able to make the eyes pop this year with smokey eye routines, enchanting eyeshadows, and eyeliners. 2019 is all geared up for a new look from the fashion runways.

  • Foil eyeshadows

It’s only going to get shinier with foiled looks soon. Foil eyeshadow leaves a metallic and shiny finish on the eyes. It is sure to get you the drama you need for your eyes in the New Year.

  • Lips

Lip trends have always gone with the season; warm colors for winter, lighter shades for summer and so on. Things are changing in the New Year with dark lip shades gaining popularity. This trend is set to ride throughout the year.

Beauty Trends
  • Hair

It’s going to be a colorful year. Get ready for lilac and grey tresses in 2019. Lilac hair made an appearance a few times in 2018 but is set for a comeback alongside grey hair.

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