The Best Makeup Subscription Boxes

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Who wouldn’t love the idea of receiving a surprise gift you paid for each month? The thrill of wondering what you may receive and finally opening the box to reveal your special items is irreplaceable. This is what subscription boxes were created to offer. A makeup subscription box is about the most exciting of them all. If you are a makeup lover, you are probably on the makeup subscription box train.

There’s no denying that a makeup subscription box can make a girl’s day, but are they all worth the hype?

Several people have had disappointing experiences from some makeup subscription boxes. There is the issue of constantly getting things you don’t need and being unable to return them because the process is highly stressful. Also, some products can cause breakouts on the skin.

Here is our makeup subscription review on the some of the best boxes to help you sign-up for the right boxes and avoid such mishaps.

  • Birchbox

Birchbox is almost synonymous with the words ‘makeup subscription boxes’. This brand is the pioneer of this trend.   Birchbox was launched in 2010 with a $10 monthly subscription fee and are the most popular beauty subscription box. They provide an assortment of makeup and beauty products to meet your specific tastes each month. If you also happen to fall in love with any particular product, you can order the full-size versions of the products from the Birchbox website. They also offer a curated option where you decide if you would like to see the items you will receive. This subscription box is a great legitimate investment with more flexibility than many other makeup subscription boxes.

  • Glossybox

For $17 to $21 per month, Glossybox offers its subscribers full-sized deluxe products. You get more for your money with this makeup box. However, unlike Birchbox, Glossybox sends all subscribers the same products each month. If you are looking for quality products in larger quantities, Glossybox might be your best bet.

  • Goodebox

Organic product lovers get to enjoy makeup subscription boxes too. At $18 per month, Goodebox gives its subscribers organic and natural products specific to your beauty profile and suitable for taking on a trip. The box also includes an information booklet on each product.

  • Ipsy

Ipsy is a popular makeup subscription box offering three to five full-sized products plus a makeup bag at a $10 monthly fee. It is recognized as the most well-rounded box giving a little of everything, so you are always sure you won’t be stuck with something you do not need. There are rewards schemes for loyal customers and tutorials on how to use the products on the Ipsy website.

Lip Monthly
  • Lip Monthly

Everything on lip makeup is often represented in this box. The subscription is priced at $11.45 per month and the box comes with four to five lip makeup products. It also includes a cute makeup bag. There are reward schemes on the website just like Ipsy but do not have high hopes about customizing your box Items.

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