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Candle Subscriptions! From Halloween nights to romantic dinners, candles have become a regular fixture for most folks! It’s no surprise we have fallen in love with candles! Very few things can beat the relaxing feeling of soaking oneself in a bathtub lit by dozens of scented candles!

(Well, sipping a glass of red wine and watching the sunset on a beach in the Pacific Islands might come a close second – but you get the drift!)

Candle box subscriptions arguably remain the best bet for candle lovers to indulge in their delights without necessarily breaking the bank! So in no particular order, and after intensive research, here are some of our selections for the best candle subscriptions you’d find on the market today!


When you think intentionality, creativity, value for money, and uniqueness, Vellabox ticks all the boxes! Vellabox subscriptions start from about $13 a month and you get the option of choosing from either a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month package. What’s more, you get a surprise gift pack with each box bought! Awesome right? We thought so too!

Candle Subscriptions


Wicksly candles have an impressive 36 hours (at least) burn time and that makes this subscription a great consideration for any candle lover! Subscribers are entitled to one soy wax blend seasonal candle every month. Talk about variety! Subscriptions are priced from $20 per candle for up to 6 months, with a year’s subscription costing $240 only – shipping fee inclusive!

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio is big on eco-friendliness, so expect to receive subscription boxes with candles made from 100% soy wax, featuring lead-free cotton wicks. Each candle is 100% vegan and completely petroleum-free. You have four packages to choose from with subscriptions starting from $25 for The Candle of The Month Club package. A great choice for environmentally friendly candle lovers!


These luxury candles boast an incredible burn time of up to 60 hours! With fragrances uniquely formulated by expert perfumers and an exceptional scent throw, NEST subscriptions are worth their weight, cent for scent! Starting from $40, the subscription can either be on a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month basis.


Keep it real with a Keap subscription for that exciting, adventurous feel! You can have Keap’s coconut-based, hand-poured wax candles delivered to you once or twice every month – or even every other month! – with a bonus limited edition work of art and a sneak peek info card of the next seasonal scent. All these for just $40, and yes, it is inclusive of shipping!


A subscription to Scent grants you early access to an ever-dynamic pool of upcoming candle brands specially curated by experts. For $65, Scent’s elite candle subscription delivers candles that are tailored to your specific taste and preferences. Subscriptions are flexible, and you get to decide how often you want your candles delivered!

Choosing the right candle subscription depends on what you’re searching for, but on this list, there’s something for everyone!



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