Magnetic Lashes Reviews

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Ah, summer – a time for sunscreen, linen, and some poolside R&R. Love it or hate it, you must admit that the temperature makes people bring (or maybe beat?) the heat with their wardrobe choices. Whether you’re one for dramatic looks or classic looks, some dark, voluminous lashes can be just the thing to bring it all together. We all know that dealing with falsie glue is a major pain though. Insert one the of summer’s biggest trends: magnetic lashes. Not all are created equal though, so we have put together a list to compare 3 of the top magnetic lashes on the market today.

Sephora Collection — One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes

As the first magnetic lash and as one of the most comfortable options on our list, One Two Lash is a great option to try out. They are lightweight and come in four different varieties, all of which can be further customized by trimming them down to your preferred length or shape. To apply, you need to place the top lash strip against the outer corner of your lashes, then place the bottom lash strip underneath your natural ones, making sure to line it up with the edge of the top lash strip. They will then fasten together with your lashes secure inside the strips. After that, all you do is line up the second bottom lash strip under your lashes and connect it to the inner edge of the long lash strip.

Overall opinion: They’re a comfortable option and are great if you’d like to support the original magnetic lash. However, they might be best for a more experienced or frequent user as they are a much pricier option at $69.

Arvesa False Magnetic Eyelashes Set

For those with a mild Amazon shopping addiction, Aversa’s magnetic eyelash set might be just the thing for you. Like One Two Lash, these falsies are extremely lightweight and thin, with fibers at only .2mm thick. They also come non-magnetic applicator tool and a “shake-proof,” travel-friendly case for easy storage. Unlike many of their competitors though, Arvesa False Magnetic Eyelashes are very reasonable, currently priced at $14.98 with 2-day prime shipping. Best of all, there are free returns and 6-month money-back guarantee on the off-chance you aren’t completely thrilled with your purchase. To apply, place the set of lashes on the applicator tool, place the tool over your own eyelashes, and clamp down on the applicator. If you’re struggling with the application, some reviewers have recommended coating your lashes with some mascara prior to applying your falsies for a little extra grip.

Overall opinion: They’re a great deal for those on a budget, especially since they’re easy to apply and you can try them essentially risk-free.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes

While they’re the final option on the list, they are perhaps the most popular option among reviewers. Unlike many other magnetic lash sets, Ardell’s are super convenient and accessible, available everywhere from Walgreens to our beloved Target. Perfect for everyone who loves buying everything except what they originally intended. They come in 5 different styles to suit your needs and incorporate “budge-proof” technology so you’ll spend less time reapplying and more time looking effortlessly fabulous. Also, they tend to blend in better with your natural lashes, which is always a plus. Applying this magnetic lash is straightforward – all you need to align the lash band with your natural lash, place the upper lash on top of your natural lash line, and place the lower lash underneath, connecting the two strips together. Some reviewers did say that application was tricky at first, despite its simple steps. So, make sure to be patient and take your time!

Overall opinion: Another great inexpensive option for those who are wary of investing a lot of money in false lashes. Also, they’re at Target. Enough said.



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