Amazing Benefits of CBD That Will Help Your Dog Feel Like a Puppy Again

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Interacting with the body by way of the endocannabinoid system, a biological system found in all mammals and partially responsible for things like memory, pain reception, immune response, and much more, CBD can help your pup manage any number of ailments!

Some of the many benefits of CBD oil for your pet:



Stress relief

Assists in fighting cancer




  • CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, completely safe for pets!

Unlike many veterinarians prescribed controlled medications, CBD oil (if given in the proper dose) offers no overly harmful side effects. In fact, as long as an owner doesn’t exceed the recommended dosage, there are virtually no side effects related to CBD oil at all! For many dog owners, low-risk CBD oil is the preferred alternative to more invasive drugs.


Seizure Treatment

CBD oil is a very popular treatment for seizures. Believe it or not, the American Kennel Club is currently undergoing a very large study on the seizure treatment properties of CBD oil with dogs!

Benefits of CBD

Arthritis & Inflammation

Older & overweight dogs are especially susceptible to bone & joint issues. On top of that, painful irritation usually accompanies any inflammation due to joint injuries or weakness.


  • Believe it or not, over 50% of all domestic pets (dogs/cats) are considered either clinically overweight or obese.


More and more pet owners are turning to CBD oil for dogs in order to help their pets cope with these worsening conditions. Not only does it provide anti-inflammatory benefits, but CBD oil will also help pets cope with the pain associated and even the stressful anxiety resulting from it. Very few medications will treat all these symptoms at once!

Benefits of CBD

How is CBD Oil for Dogs Administered?

CBD oil is usually administered orally, though some topical treatments exist. CBD oil can even often be used in combination with other traditional treatments. New research suggests possible synergy between marijuana and CBD oil, although care needs to be taken because overdoses of marijuana have been shown to cause harm.

Current scientific research on the effects of CBD oil and its’ dosage is still in infancy stages. It’s often recommended that a dog owner who is interested in the benefits of CBD oil for dogs speak to a veterinarian who’s had experience in this area.

Benefits of CBD

What Are the Potential Risks of CBD Oil for Dogs?

The CBD oil given to dogs actually has very minuscule traces of THC, to none at all. Whereas there are harmful effects associated with marijuana overdose in pets, owners need not worry about CBD oil. Like nearly every treatment, risks can be associated with overdoses; it’s important the owner follow dosage instructions when treating their dogs. Even then, life-threatening risks are very rare.


In Conclusion: The CBD Revolution

With all these great benefits and virtually no risk, what reason is there not to try CBD oil for your dog? Not only is it being sold everywhere and easy to find, but the instructions for use also couldn’t be simpler.

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