COVID Vaccine Passport

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These rumors are of a COVID vaccine passport that is already appearing in some parts of the world.

If you’ve always wanted things to be normal again, rumors are we are some decisions away from that. Soon most people will be allowed to gather in their favorite places, gain access to currently restricted areas, or close the 6 feet social distancing gap.

What is a COVID Vaccine Passport?

A COVID Vaccine passport is a form of documentation that proves you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

While this passport is still somewhat hypothetical, the idea is it would allow living as you did before the pandemic and all its restrictions.

You could sit and eat in a restaurant, go to the gym, bars, theaters, and so on with other vaccinated folks.

How would this work?

It is expected that the COVID Vaccine passport would be digital. This is because paper documentation could easily be forged. The passport could be part of a mobile app that shows the status of your last COVID-19 test, vaccination, other health information.

There are talks about having several apps or one app; including any existing COVID Vaccine or some, and so on.

Where is it been practiced?

Although the idea of the COVID Vaccine passport is hypothetical, with discussions going on about it, some countries have taken the first steps to something similar.

In February, Israel introduced a passport that allows vaccinated people to attend events, visit gyms, restaurants, and other places they were denied entry during the pandemic.

Estonia and Iceland now also collect proof of vaccination to allow non-citizens or visitors to enter the country without quarantine.

New York launches the nation’s first ‘vaccine passports.’ Others are working on similar ideas, but many details must be worked out. Karen Weintraub Elizabeth Weise USA TODAY

Are there arguments against the COVID Vaccine Passport?

Yes, there are several arguments against it just like they are in favor of it. The arguments against include –

  • Using a COVID Vaccine passport could lead to discrimination and inequality among people.
  • So far, most rich countries have been able to vaccinate many of their citizens. Low- and middle-income countries have received only a small number of vaccines and little progress with their vaccination campaigns. This and others in rich countries who might take longer to get their vaccine shot make a vaccine passport seem unfair.
  • There is the fact that the vaccine doesn’t provide complete immunity to COVID-19. The passport could bring a false sense of security that could in turn lead to more dangerous waves of the pandemic.
  • A vaccine passport pushes aside the opinion of others who are less trustful of the vaccine or unable to take it for religious reasons.
  • Privacy matters also present an argument. Using an app that shows the user’s health information presents a privacy concern.

You might already have an idea of what the arguments in favor of the COVID Vaccine passport say. They include;

  • A way to return to normalcy
  • A way to protect frontline workers
  • A way to restore economies
  • It would make travel possible and safe.

It’s at least certain that if major countries adopt a COVID vaccine passport, others will follow quickly.

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