Build Trust with Your Horse

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Build Trust with Your Horse, when it comes to building trust or bonding with others like yourself, it can be a bit easier because you already know what it’s like to be human. With your hoofed friend, it’s different and for some moments you will have to try to see through your horse’s eyes.

Many rookie horse owners wonder what it takes to build trust with their horses. You’ve probably heard some people say horses can be difficult, stubborn, spook easily, and so on. But sometimes, that’s just a horse-owner relationship without trust and bonding talk.

You can develop a beautiful friendship with your horse and these 3 exercises show you how;

Listen more talk less

It’s similar to when you’re trying to make new connections with others. Listening as well as talking with a balance can help you bond with people. For your horse, you have to especially listen. Horses communicate through body language. They speak with their eyes, ears, and expressions. If you are not paying attention, it’s easy to overlook when they send you a message. Practice spending time with your horse just to listen to them. Key into activities they seem to like and do them more often. As you do these activities, try speaking to your horse and getting a response from them. Remember, this can take time and it’s not a training session but quality time to bond.

Build Trust with Horse

Stay predictable

Your horse isn’t another human with the ability to understand your ways randomly. Help your horse build trust by being predictable and consistent with your activities, emotions, approach, and so on.

Always send messages the same way to help your horse build communication with you. Stay aware of how you feel throughout your interaction with your horse. Sometimes your horse would want to read you too and respond based on that. For example, if you are spooked or scared about something while with your horse, he could pick up on it and get confused.

Do the physical exercises

Trailer loading for example is a great trust-building exercise. Guide your horse consistently by staying calm and reward him when he does it right.

Try loading and unloading to make your horse comfortable with either situation.

You can also try leading exercises where you’re 3 feet in front of your horse. Make sure your horse is aware of where you are and the distance between you both. Choose the pace for both of you.

Trust-building exercises can be training too, but the important thing is to have in mind that your goal is to build trust with your horse.

What not to do to build trust

  • Don’t come with expectations of your own or a forceful approach for your horse.
  • Don’t label your horse with negative adjectives.
  • Don’t refuse to recognize your weaknesses and your horse’s weaknesses.
  • Don’t forget to take stock of your relationship with your horse and work on progress.
  • Don’t be shy to join a support group or ask other equestrians some questions.

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