Ewa Bielska: Multi-Award Winning Producer, Director, Artist, and Entrepreneur

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Ewa Bielska has chosen to share her genius with the world as a Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Artist, and Entrepreneur.

“As we make the choices that create the story of our life, the price of a fulfilled state of mind can come at a great cost. Our choices lead to our feelings in the present and the possibility of a more enriched existence in the future. I hope to take audiences on a journey that encompasses the totality of human experience and simulates the catharsis of achievement and human nature. Though we are bred to be weak, as we reach higher and cross the finish lines in our life, we find strength and enlightenment.” ~ Ewa Bielska.

Ewa is the founder of The Film production company, writer, and director of Breaking Iron as well as the award-winning Her Call.

She has 15 years and counting experience in her field and is known for being able to embrace cultural undertones and new perspectives in her creations.

Her stories often look into humanity’s dark corners, shedding light and hope in addressing justice, healing, and transformation.

Ewa has received international Award Winning recognition for her film, Her Call.

Her Call won the Best Director Indie Short, Best Producer, Best Acting Debut, and Best First Time Filmmaker Short (Honorable Mention) categories at the Cannes World Film Festival.

Ewa Bielska

Her Call is a story about Mala; a gambling addict turned therapist whose ex-con brother reappears in her life with problems. Mala is thrust back into the dangerous world of poker.

“HER CALL film is inspired by my own life experiences, decisions, and those of the people who have been a part of my life. I have always been fascinated by the human psyche, our behaviors, and our reactions to certain situations. This idea that life is a “gamble” puts us at the poker table every single day. We risk everything, selling our souls, for things we might not need. We push ourselves to the point of breaking, and for what? Through the character Mala, and her search for adrenaline and excitement, Her Call explores the question of what makes life worth living?…” Ewa said in her Director statement.

Breaking Iron, tells the story of an undocumented immigrant who becomes a self-made millionaire but now battles his addiction to competing in iron man triathlons as a way to escape the trauma in his life:

When asked how she juggles being a businesswoman with indie production, Ewa answered, “As a businesswoman, this gives much more room for the film to succeed and opens up the road for distribution. Shooting Indie always brings the challenge of budget and how many people you can afford to bring a great movie to life.”

Ewa Bielska

Ewa Bielska also often speaks about her focus on character-driven stories. Aside from creation and production, the multi-award winner has also led discussions and workshops at festivals, universities, conferences, and community groups.

For more information, go to www.ewabielska.com

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