Federation Equestre Internationale World Equestrian Games

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When you are a big fan of the equestrian world, there’s always a lot to look forward to; from annual games to a world cup event held every four years.

FEI represents the Federation Equestre Internationale; they have administered these major international championships since 1990. The games have continually worked towards showing equestrian sports at its best. Every four years and halfway through the Olympic cycle, the FEI brings together the world championships for all its disciplines.

The games currently include ten disciplines which are Dressage, Endurance riding, Combined Driving, Eventing, Reining, Showjumping, Vaulting, and Paraequestrianism. Horseball and Tent pegging conduct independent championships.

Prior to the event year, all the individual disciplines held separate championships in various countries. Those who have distinguished themselves at the nation’s stage represent their country in the games.

Federation Equestre Internationale

The Federation Equestre Internationale World Equestrian Games started off with a focus on European venues but moved outside of Europe for the first time in 2010.

Each game has made stunning achievements and there is nothing more exciting than watching the most seasoned athletes and majestic horses give their all for the medals.

The 2018 Federation Equestre Internationale World Equestrian Games was held in Tyron North Carolina from September 11 – September 23. Expected turnout was about 500, 000 people which was nearly 300 times the town’s original population. The opening ceremony went on without problems and athletes from over 70 countries participated in the event. Organizers kept everything ready with over 1200 stalls for the horses.

If you made it to the 2018 games, then you would agree it was thrilling to see big names in the game like Charlotte Dujardin riding Mount Saint John Freestyle and Isabell Werth on Bella Rose.  Others include Mark Todd, Michael Jung, and Sandra Auffarth.

2019 games are already underway. Here is the breakdown of the events.

  • The FEI Eventing Championships will be held in Luhmuhlen, Germany on August 28 – September 1.
  • The FEI European Reining Championships for Seniors is set for July 9 – July 13 and the location is Givrins, Switzerland.
  • The FEI Vaulting Reining Championships for Seniors follows closely on July 24 – July 28 in Ermelo, Netherlands.
  • The FEI European Driving World Championships for Pairs will run through September 11- September 15 in Drebkau, Germany.
  • Euston Park, England is scheduled to host the FEI Endurance European Championships for seniors running through August 15- August 18.

The equestrian season continues and we are here for all the updates.

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