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Horse Massage – Everyone loves a good massage session, and your horse isn’t an exception. A massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to relieve body stress or tension and pain. It is a great way to relax after a long, hard day at work.

Your equine friend can also enjoy the benefits of a good massage, especially after a long day of riding and physical training. These massages can be done by a professional, but with the proper training, nothing should stop you from giving your horse a loving massage. Giving your horse a massage is one of the many ways to care for it as it provides a good number of benefits to your horse and builds a healthy relationship between you.

Benefits of Equine Massage

Massages have many benefits known to man and horse. Here’s a compiled list of a few benefits you’d like to know.

Building a good connection between horse owner and horse:

One of the many benefits of giving your horse a massage is that it helps in building a stronger connection between the horse owner and the horse. With this, it’s easier to take note of your horse’s musculature and body language. Sometimes, your horse may experience discomfort or pain during the massage session. Pulling away from your touch or continuous tail swishing are clear indications of pain and tightness. Move away from the area and massage other spots until your horse feels more comfortable. This will help your horse get comfortable with the massage and build trust and comfortability between one another. Softening of the tissue you’re massaging, yawning, sighing, and neck shaking shows you’re doing a good job.

Encourages easier blood circulation and loosens tight muscles:

 It helps to facilitate easier blood circulation in the system and loosens tight muscles. Massages are a surefire way to guarantee easier blood flow throughout the body. That’s exactly why it’s done after a long day of work. It also helps to loosen tight muscles caused as a result of hard work, stress, and injury. Direct pressure to these points can help relax the muscles, encourage easier blood circulation, and improve oxygen supply.

Increases flexibility and overall health:

It increases flexibility and the overall health of our equine friends. Stress due to everyday activities can cause a lot of physical problems for your horse. It can create tension in the muscles, injury, and other physical problems. All of these can also lead to mental strain. Having a good massage session will help your horse feel a lot better and well relaxed. Those physical activities won’t seem like such a chore, and your horse will thank you. Do bear in mind that there are certain instances when massages won’t be able to solve the problem. If your horse is experiencing internal injuries of any sort, giving a massage may likely worsen the pain. Seeing a vet is the best and more logical solution. Also, if your horse has a skin condition, you may want to hold off on the massage as doing so is more likely to increase the spread of the condition and that’s not something you’d want.

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