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For many reasons, visiting the gorgeous island country Sri Lanka has to be on your travel bucket list. It’s the best place for a romantic getaway and even a solo trip. The island is known for its beautiful landscapes, towering mountains, and exotic wildlife.

Its natural parks have a variety of over 400 species of birds and safaris, where tourists can spot elephants and leopards. It is also home to some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous beaches all along the coastline.

If you love the great outdoors, you’d feel right at home surrounded by the lush greenery and various outdoor activities to try out. The island country offers some of the most amazing vegan dishes ever. And we’ve put together a list of places to give you a head start on your vegan journey in Sri Lanka.


Jetwing Ayurvedic Pavilions

This luxury hotel makes the top of the list for a reason. It is known for its hospitality and serene environment. Even if you don’t come for the food, you can stay for its activities, treatments, and medicine that were designed according to ancient Ayurvedic healing principles and science. And why wouldn’t you come for the food? The hotel will provide you with a plant-based menu upon previous consultation and under the proper guidance of a doctor. Sri Lanka is known for its spicy foods and nutritious meals, so you can anticipate vegan deliciousness at every meal.

Jetwing Lighthouse

Designed by visionary Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, on the outskirts of Galle, Jetwing Lighthouse offers various restaurants catering to veggie and vegan needs. Their menus hold exquisite vegan dishes, and the hospitality and ambiance make it one of the best places to visit on the island. Take a stroll to enjoy the ocean views, dip in its pools, and soak up the country’s and the people’s warmth.

Jetwing Yala

Positioned between the Indian Ocean and the Yala National Park, Jetwing Yala boasts accessibility to both land and sea as well as hospitality and comfort, offering direct access to the beach. It sets the standard for sustainable and responsible tourism in Sri Lanka. Regarding vegan dishes, they are also at the top of their game. Expect a variety of exciting vegan dishes, artistically plated, and a savory treat for your taste buds. You can also request a specially curated vegan menu.

You should also try out The Cinnamon Red for its amazing vegan and veggie breakfast offers, like red rice spring hoppers with Dahl, coconut sambal, and spicy chili-laden lunu miris chutney. The Heritance Kandalama is also a great luxury hotel and offers a tasty array of vegan rice and curry. Sri Lanka provides good food, amazing views, and hospitality, so be sure to soak up the experience and cultural richness of the land as much as you can.

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