Horses Without Humans Event

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Horses Without Humans Event held at Gene & Georgetti’s was abuzz with some of Chicago’s biggest names hosted by Founder, Irene Michaels to save horses in need. Guests enjoyed hors-d’oeuvres and cocktails and mingled over conversations about their own horses or their love for their own four-legged friends. The non-profit Horses Without Humans, represented by Alise Carrico, rescues horses from slaughterhouses and gives them the proper health care, rehabilitation, and training to prepare them for adoption and a second chance at life. After a short presentation about the organization and what they do, many patrons made large donations to help the great cause. We were incredibly excited by those who turned out and helped us raise money for a wonderful cause.


Horses Without Humans Mission

Many horses in the United States end up in holding pens and live out their lives waiting, never to be adopted because they are untrained. Thousands of other horses in the United States are given to or bought by first time owners that are unaware of how to work with these horses and they end up on kill trucks. Approximately 140,000 horses in the United States are shipped over the Mexican and Canadian borders for slaughter each year. 

Equine welfare is a major problem in the United States. Horses Without Humans was founded by a gold medalist FEI trainer and rider who recognized what a massive problem this is, and has seen first-hand talented, valuable horses on kill trucks or abandoned because their humans had no other options. Three special horses stand out as the ambassadors of Horses Without Humans, they are the horses that inspired the ideas behind starting our program. 

We are giving horses a chance at their own happy ending. Maybe they are meant to be a companion or a cherished first horse, we train these horses for all disciplines. Some may go on to be equine theater performers, trail horses, or the next winning dressage, hunter jumpers, or eventer. We are working to unite the equestrian community and lower the number of horses killed each year in the United States.  When all a horse needs is human, we are there. 

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