Five Fabulous Faves

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Stepping into the cosmetic world, we all have our personal favorites, don’t we? You might love Maybelline or Rimmel. Someone else might adore L’Oréal. It is the way the beauty world goes.

But today, I will be opening up about my personal favorites or the five fabulous faves of mine. Let’s get started, shall we?

Pre-Heels Spray:

I love heels and if you do also, you will know the pain of those blisters that come along (totally free of cost) when you wear them for too long. But this spray is nothing less than a miracle.

We usually face a lot of irritation if we wear heels for a long time period. Pre-Heels is a spray that prevents that from happening. You just need to spray it before you put your heels on and you will remain free from all kinds of irritations and blisters. The spray is completely invisible and no one will ever know that you have put it on. Band-Aids look ugly and to be honest, balms never do work. So this is one best thing to possess if you are a heel lover.

Five Fabulous Faves

Silicone Makeup Sponge:

I am personally tired of the makeup sponges that get too worn out after some months. And some are too bad that they get out of shape within weeks. Silicone makeup sponge is a life savior as it is the ONLY sponge that you will ever need.

The product usually goes more on the sponge and less on your face. But silicone makeup sponge makes sure that the entire thing is applied where it is supposed to be and nothing is left on the sponge itself. It saves a lot of your product too.

Five Fabulous Faves

Root Cover Up by Color Wow:

If you are in need of a great root touch-up product then I will recommend this one. It is water-resistant too. This is a mineral powder which is applied with a simple brush (you get it along with the product). You will get a lot of shades in it so you can pick the one which matches your skin tone.

Five Fabulous Faves Triple Threat Color Stick by Thrive Causemetics:

This stick is a life savior for working women and mommy too. It just takes a minute to apply it and brings in a great glow on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. It also fights wrinkles and offers to hydrate your skin too. Well, that was great because all I wanted was something that could bring a little hydration to my skin. It was quite dry all the time and to be very honest, this stick worked.

Five Fabulous Faves

NYX Eyebrow Kit:

I hate getting my eyebrows done on time; I am usually too busy. But this eyebrow kit literally saved my life. It comes with stencils, has universal wax, three basic types of powders and tools! What else would you ask for? It isn’t just saving your brows; it is bringing in the complete fashion house in it. that is exactly why I love this one!

I hope you enjoy my Five Fabulous Faves as much as I do!!!

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