How To Survive a Winter in Chicago

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Truth be told, winters can be quite a pain. What with the extremely low temperatures and dirty snow! You need a way or ways to get around the short sunshine times or you might end with low spirits that directly affect your attitude toward normal things. Wading through winters in Chicago can be less of a hassle if you:

Winter in Chicago

Wear puffy coats

This ought to be added to your list of necessities. In fact, it might be good to think of it as a basic need. I admit that they are not as cute as woolen coats, but hey, they will keep you three times warmer.

Wear a few layers

It is good to invest in scarves, undershirts, vests, sweaters and thick tall socks. If you thought a single layer of clothing is enough for the winter, get corrected that it might not work well in Chicago.

Make some plans

You might be surprised that all you need to lift your own spirit is hanging out with a friend or two. Leaving the house to go for a drink is pretty easy. Such an outing might get you out of the frigidness that the Chicago winter is likely to infect you with.

Winter in Chicago

Embrace the sunny days

Whenever there is a little sun outside, I am sure to step outside to enjoy it while it lasts. Take a long walk while the sun lands on your face perfectly. If the sun is out but it’s still cold, try sitting towards a window so that the sun rays are upon you.

Stay healthy

Eating healthy food is as important for the summer as it is for the winter. I suggest that you avoid cold food during the Chicago winter. If you have an expansive freezer, keep several containers of soup inside. Whenever you crave something hearty, simply sneak in, grab a container of soup and warm your fill.

Work out

Well, you will find that you fall back often if you do not have an accountability partner. Having one ensures that you keep checking on each other so that you all meet your goals. It does not necessitate that you go to the same gym at the same time. Think of it this way; it can keep you from slumping.

Winter in Chicago

Travel to a warmer location

If you are able to slip out of town, good for you because seeking a warmer location could help your mind and body.

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