Model-Turned-Photographer Jennifer Pogats-Meltzer featured in The Malibu Times

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Jennifer Pogats-MeltzerJennifer Pogats-Meltzer is known as one of the pioneers of the 1970s trend of ‘live mannequin’ modeling. Her stunning, stoic stance in Rodeo Drive boutiques drew hundreds of admirers who lined the streets for a chance to catch a glimpse of the beauty. It even brought out stars like Gregory Peck and Dino Martin. Her successful modeling career blossomed, eventually leading to roles in television and film.

After years of trotting the globe as a model and working in front of the camera, Jennifer Pogats-Meltzer decided to turn the camera around, finding a great passion for photography.  Soon, like everything else she sets her mind to, her career in photography took off and she was shooting other models, political personalities, and even covering celebrity events.

Jennifer Pogats-MeltzerPogats-Meltzer currently resides in Malibu which has become the home base for her photography business. She also continues to model, now signed with the Howard Talent West agency. In a recent interview with The Malibu Times, she says, “It’s hard work, smiling outside in 100-degree, humid weather, wearing heavy fall clothing, dancing down a runway in eight-inch heels that are two sizes too small, and running along the beaches of Lake Michigan in a bikini while it’s freezing. [But] from age seven to now, I am still following and living my dream.”Jennifer Pogats-Meltzer can shoot in black and white and color, both digitally and traditionally. Her work is available in sepia and hand-colored. Additionally, she is available for one-on-one or group classes, teaching the hand-coloring process.

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