Kentucky CSI3* Invitational Grand Prix

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At the Kentucky CSI3* Invitational Grand Prix at the Land Rover Kentucky Three – Day Event t thousands of horse enthusiasts from across the country and around the world rose to their feet and gave Santiago Lambre a standing ovation as he guided showjumping horse Dingeman across the finish line to win the inaugural $225,000.

Santiago Lambre rides his way to victory at this year’s Kentucky Three Day event.

2018 is the first year this contest has been held during the Land Rover Kentucky Three – Day Event and officials didn’t know what their attendance would be. Much to their delight, 10,635 excited fans showed up at Rolex Stadium, making it a remarkable night, broadcast in front of a nationwide audience on N.B.C. 48.9 seconds is all it took for Santiago Lambre of Mexico to capture victory, narrowly defeating Eve Jobs of the U.S. (in 2nd place at 49.62 seconds) and Conor Swail of Ireland finishing 3rd with a respectable 50.64 time. Stewart Perry, president of Equestrian Events Inc., was there in person and announced

“I own a show jumping horse and my daughter is a show jumping rider. Clearly, show jumping is a truly outstanding addition. We’re thrilled. EEI is proud to have Derek Braun as our partner and we are strongly looking at doing this again next year.”

Derek Braun agreed “Showjumping in general can be an exciting sport. And the platform of a three – day event is second to none in America. To combine them is a natural fit.” Known by horse aficionados as the “best weekend all year,” this particular three – day competition is considered the nation’s premier equestrian event; featuring the most talented riders from across the globe, challenging each other, in hopes of winning a part of the $400,000 in prize money. Also at stake is a chance at the $350,000 Rolex Grand Slam Eventing, awarded to the rider who wins the Land Rover Kentucky Three – Day Event, Mitsubishi Motors Badminton, and Land Rover Burghley Four Star Events, in that order.

Young rider Eve Jobs took second with Venue D’fees Des Hazalle.
Young rider Eve Jobs, daughter of Steve Jobs, took second with Venue D’fees Des Hazalle.

After Eve Jobs turned in a time of 49.62 seconds, Santiago Lambre was in the 4th starting position, focusing mainly on making sharp turns, thus saving time wherever he could. Conor Swail devised his own strategy and garnered 3rd place, exclaiming “I’m absolutely thrilled with my horse … whether I’m first or tenth, he was fantastic today so I’m happy for the horse and the owners.” Cumulative scoring was utilized during the competition which featured two rounds, with the top ten jumpers and riders from the first round advancing to the second the Kentucky CSI3* Invitational Grand Prix

The awards ceremony at the 2018 Kentucky Three Day Event.

As the only Four Star Three – Day Event in the Western Hemisphere and one of only six in the world, this competition is a perfect example of equestrian abilities, showcasing the worldwide talent of both riders and their magnificent show jumping horses.

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