Makeup Trends 2022

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Makeup Trends 2022 – GET READY!

A good scroll through TikTok and Instagram and you can already tell that the newest makeup trends have already warmed up for the year.

Each New Year adds or takes something from the makeup norm and gives us something fresh to obsess about.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the trends and see what’s probably coming, here’s your first look.

(We’ve dug these up from endless scrolling, deep research, and keeping a sharp eye out)

  1. Colored Eyeliners

You’ve likely seen this one on several celebs. The wheels of time have shifted to give eyeliners the spotlight they deserve and colored eyeliners are the way to go. They bring the perfect finishing touch to your makeup and are best done with liquid eyeliners.

Choose bold colors. And for moments when you can’t glide them on, there’re fresh trending filters with the colored eyeliner look.

  1. A splash of color

There’s no predicting how this is going to play out, but there’ll undeniably be more use of bold, bright colors in makeup through the year. Bold blush, colored eyeliners, bright lipsticks, neon eyes, and much more have made their debut on celebrities and influencers alike. Still, we recommend sticking to bold tones that suit you.

  1. Natural, Barely there Foundation

Honestly, this one re-emerges almost every other year and 2022 isn’t an exception. It’s about time we left heavy, cakey foundations behind and chose tinted moisturizers and lightweight foundations instead. We could do more with less.

  1. A bit of shine 

This includes embellishments around the eyes, a pop of glitter or shimmer around the eyes and on the body. Whether you add your shine in the hair, on the body, highlighting the eyes, or swiped across the cheekbones, it will be a glam fave hitting makeup enthusiasts all year long.

  1. The love for pink 

Pink is a staple, but it’s likely to be the queen of preferred lipstick colors through 2022. Imagine the beauty and bloom of pink in spring and summer.

  1. Icy double-winged eyes

With only a black liquid liner and a swipe of beige eyeliner pencil blended in between, you can create icy double-winged eyes. Eyeliners are coming through hot for switching up your makeup looks in 2022. Choose easy-to-use liquid liners with a fine tip and smooth application. Focus on getting two double-winged liners.

  1. Soap brows 

The makeup trend that has been here since as early as 2019 isn’t going anywhere soon. Makeup artists, enthusiasts, and celebrities still love the easy-going rich look of soap brows. All you need is to dampen a clean spoolie brush, use a setting mist like you would use to hold your makeup, then apply it to the brows, both brushing up and backcombing and up again until you get styled where you want them.

There are more Makeup Trends 2022 just waiting to take the lead. But it’s certain that a splash of fun and color will lead the way.

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