Science of Sugar

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In the Science of Sugar, you may have heard the experts say it repeatedly – cut down on sugar intake or abandon it altogether.

Sugar has long been criticized for damaging skin and health when taken in excess. The experts are not wrong and neither is the fact that excess sugar can do more harm than good when consumed.

However, sugar has significant benefits to the skin when used properly or rather topically.

Let’s dive into the science of sugar and its benefits.

  1. Softer and moisturized skin

Sugar is a natural humectant. It locks in moisture to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. This is why using sugar scrubs or sugar-based products gives a soft and supple skin.

  1. Anti-aging qualities

Natural sugar contains glycolic acid and other minerals that can get into the deepest layer of the skin. They stimulate cell regeneration for younger-looking skin. This is also why glycolic acid is a major ingredient in treating sun-damaged and aging skin.

  1. Acts as a great exfoliant for radiant skin

This you probably know. Sugar has gained some momentum as a great exfoliator for radiant skin. It’s often preferred over salt because it’s gentler. Sugar granules exfoliate dead cells from the outer layer of the skin while moisturizing for a radiant glow. You can safely use a sugar scrub all over the body even with sensitive skin.

  1. Can remove scars

Ever heard of the skin fairer? The glycolic acid in brown sugar can lighten the skin and remove or reduce the appearance of scars. This ingredient is often used in skin-lightening products, hence the nickname skin fairer.

  1. Sugar can prevent acne

The gentle and natural exfoliation sugar offers helps to promote healthy cleansing of the skin. It also stimulates blood circulation. Brown sugar also has antibacterial properties that contribute to preventing acne and pimples from acne-prone skin.

Science of Sugar

How to enjoy the benefits of sugar for the skin

You can enjoy these skin benefits of sugar by using sugar scrubs and products. You can easily make sugar scrubs at home with this quick recipe –

Coconut oil sugar scrub

Mix coconut oil and sugar in a small bowl until you get your preferred consistency but don’t mix too thick. Add essential oils like lavender to the mix.

You can also recreate this process for other sugar scrubs by switching coconut oil with olive oil, honey, milk, aloe vera, or almond oil.

Tips for using sugar on the skin

  • When applying sugar scrubs, apply in a circular motion until the sugar melts. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • It’s much better to use white sugar scrubs for facials because the granules are smaller.
  • The best times to use a sugar scrub include – weekly for maintaining radiant skin, before a spray tan, before you shave your legs, and if you have ingrown hairs.
  • Homemade sugar scrubs can keep for a month or two in an airtight container.
  • Use sugar scrubs less frequently if you have sensitive skin.
  • When applying products with sugar or sugar derivatives be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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