Micellar Oils: Here’s What to Know

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If you’re a makeup artist or a skin-care enthusiast, you must have heard of – or used – micellar cleansing waters in your skincare routine. Especially since they have become so popular since their release into the beauty industry. 

You may have also heard of the recent upgrades to the micellar cleansing formula, resulting in a new range of cleansing products – micellar oils.

What Are Micellar Oils?

MO and micellar water have the same method of operation, although they are slightly different in their formulation. 

A micellar oil comprises tiny oil molecules called ‘micelles’ immersed in a base of skin-friendly oil(s). These micelles target stubborn oil-based impurities on the face, such as makeup and excess sebum from the skin.

The major advantage of micellar oils over their close counterpart, micellar water, is that they can remove tougher oil-based impurities in a way that micellar waters cannot compare.


How Do They Work?

When you apply micellar oils to the skin, they break down any oil-based products such as mascara and sunscreen and any accumulation of sebum on the face.

Adding water to the skin acts as a catalyst for the micelles present in the oils, which then attracts and binding to the broken-down makeup products and other oil-based debris on the face.

To achieve the smooth and soft finish you desire, all you’d need to do is wash off everything with water, towel your face dry, and you’re good to go!

How to Use Micellar Oils

Micellar oils can be used in either of two ways viz;

1. As a Makeup Remover

To use MO as a makeup remover, simply apply some oil onto a ball of cotton wool and apply it to wherever you have makeup on your face. Rinse off your face with water afterward.

2. As a Face Cleanser

To use as a face cleanser, begin by splashing some warm water on your face. This helps to open up the pores. Apply some micellar oil on your face and allow to sit for a few minutes before rinsing off again with warm water.

Benefits Of Micellar Oils

1. Helps Keep Skin Hydrated

Micellar oils contain glycerin – a hydrating compound which not only helps improve the skin’s moisture retention capacity but also guards against skin irritation.

2. Removes Dirt and Excess Oils

The micelles in micellar oils are highly effective in removing excess dirt and oil from skins. Glycerin’s unique ability to improve skin permeability opens up deeper layers of the skin for cleansing.

3. Suitable for Every Skin Type

The versatility of micellar oils makes it well suited to practically all kinds of skin, whether it is unusually oily skin or dry, flaky skin, and is especially beneficial to people with sensitive skin as it is free from irritants.

Apart from being very excellent cleansers, they are also cost-effective skincare products every woman should have in her beauty kit.

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