Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care

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Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care was created because your hoofed buddies can get an injury from time to time, and when they do, you would want to provide them with the best care.

Let’s take a look at it now, shall we?

Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care is an equine balm and one of the latest products by Absorbine.

Its major ingredients include Manuka honey and MicroSilver BG that work together to heal wounds faster. It does this while taking away the temptation to bite, lick, or scratch the wound. The balm is soothing.

Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care

MicroSilver BG has micro-sized particles that make it one of the ideal choice ingredients for SHRWC. The tiny particles are much safer for silver used in wound care. MicroSliver BG contributes to boosting the skin’s natural defenses and fighting bacteria.

It’s a natural product just right for equine lovers who hate to use products with chemicals.

You can find SHRWC on the market in two forms, ointment and spray bottle.

This makes the application easier and better suited to your preferences.

SHRWC is also known for its ability to neutralize 99.9% of bacteria and even fungi. It works to stimulate an immune response, promote new tissue growth, and reduce inflammation.

The natural formula even repels insects with neem oil a bittering agent. SHRWC also offers long-lasting moisturizing protection. It starts working immediately after it’s applied.

You can count on this effective product to treat a wide range of skin conditions such as sores, rain rot, cuts, abrasions, burns, rubs, and scratches.

Another amazing feature and benefit of Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care are that it’s useful for softening older, persistent scabs. It aids in the removal of the scab while protecting and healing the skin underneath.

Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care

About the use for other animals

Well, you would be glad to know that Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care isn’t just an equine-friendly solution. The product is a relief to dog owners and several other animals too.

The Silver Honey Hot Spot and Wound Care effectively fights hot spots and dermatitis in dogs.

With its formula designed to stay in place, neither the ointment nor spray gel moves away from the applied spot on your horse or dog. It stays put to work its magic.

If you have used Absorbine in the past trying the SHRWC should be easy for you, especially if you prefer natural products with medical-grade active ingredients, buy yours HERE.

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