New York Fashion Week 2018

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The 2018 New York City Fashion Week was packed full of unforgettable moments of beauty. This high profile event brings out the best of the best in the fashion industry. The always notorious Kendall Jenner brought black sunglasses and naturally wavy hair together like no other woman ever could. Yet Jasmine Sanders took the waviness of her own hair and tamed it into a sleek bun which was equally as impressive. Jasmine Sanders also rocked the bun in a slicked-back style that oozes sophistication. Also among the slick-back crowd was Grace Elizabeth, who kept her own bob do close to her scalp.

New York Fashion Week
Jasmine Sanders

Sophisticated Fashion Week attendees were raving over the 60’s inspired hairdos that some of the most stunning women in attendance were sporting. With the tops of heads featuring twisted hair, the event was a nod to the 60s and beyond.

New York Fashion Week
Tata Harper’s Eye Contouring Mask

Though she’s a stunning Victoria’s Secret Angel, the 1970s hairdo that Elsa Hosk donned, paired with polished curls and pretty pink lip gloss, shows her older and more mature side. Ulla Johnson brought her own style to NYFW by creating a style that perfectly recaptures the 1970s disco era. The unique Contouring Eye Mask by Tata Harper does more for the 1970s than anything else could. In addition, women in business are blown away by Kaia Gebrer’s 2018 version of the typical 1980s executive hairstyle, complete with a claw clip to hold everything in place neatly.

New York Fashion Week
Elsa Hosk

2018 is the year of the hairstyles, as Fashion Week was filled with models rocking a faux pixie cut that has a timeless appeal to it. With hair long on the top but short on both sides, Gigi Hadid and her peers were the pictures of hair perfection. Yet so too were the beauties that sported the lowest ponytails with tendrils of hair braided on each side. This classic, feminine style was a big part of this year’s Fashion Week. Higher ponytails highlighting the left side of many beautiful faces were also predominant at the event.

Waves and ponytails were the overwhelming hairstyle theme. Each model puts her own spin on one style or the other, making it easy for everyday women to compare the two types of hairstyles side by side. Ringlets and curls round out the variety of beautiful hairstyles seen at Fashion Week. With loose waves of hair brushing the backs of some models, and a party-do on top of their heads, this year’s hairstyles are already being coveted by women of all ages. The undone look brought a sense of casualness to an event that can often appear to outsiders to be rather on the formal side.

New York Fashion Week
Eye Make-Up From NYFW 2018

While hair was a huge highlight of the 2018 NYFW, distinct eye makeup was also a significant part of it. Smoky eyes and brightly colored lip gloss created a unique style that is difficult not to embrace. Women of any age can find inspiration in the sights of New York Fashion Week.





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