StarCruncher By Nikki Haskell: Fitness in a Bag!

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Nikki Haskell is a female entrepreneur and leader with many talents and careers under her belt. From finance to entertainment and fitness, she is one of the most versatile, glamorous, and influential public figures to date.

Although raised in Beverly Hills, she was born in Chicago and graduated from the Chicago Art Institute. Her natural artistic abilities earned her awards at various art shows, including the Brussels Art Fair. To this day, she is a published artist with Graphic Encounter.

A star from coast to coast, she made her way to the New York nightlife scene, earning the title of the “Queen of New York”. There, she attended the New York Institute of Finance before becoming one of the first female stockbrokers on Wall Street.

Shortly after that, she began her journey into the entertainment industry. Nikki has excelled in film production, television hosting, and much more. She is currently working on a film project that will include original clips from “The Nikki Haskell Show”. This program will integrate footage of parties, interviews, and more in the style of a reality show.

Along with all of her many professional accomplishments, Nikki Haskell is someone that I have known personally for years.

Nikki Haskell

I met Nikki Haskell when I was living in Beverly Hills with my then boyfriend over 25 years ago. Her image was on the infamous billboard that reigned over Sunset Boulevard. Her energy is endless, and I have supported her all along in everything that she has done since then.

Nikki is, perhaps, best known for her contribution to the health and fitness industry. She has published a best-selling book called “Nikki Haskell’s Star Diet”. With a 7-day quick weight loss diet, the piece has been printed a total of three times.

Nikki Haskell

An inventor at heart, Nikki has created a line of weight loss products including StarCaps, NikkiBars, and StarSuckers over the years. The current product I am about to introduce, however, is very special.

The product is called the StarCruncher by Nikki Haskell. It is a set of 4 resistance cords of various sizes, a workout belt, as well as a limited edition gym bag. The workout belt is basically a one-size fit all product, fitting anywhere from 20 to 40-inch waists.

In just 18 minutes a day, users of the Star Cruncher workout system can build their muscles while toning them at the same time. In other words, it is the full package for home exercise if you’re looking to stretch and tone your body.

Nikki Haskell Fitness in a Bag
Fitness in a Bag

Each piece of the set has a beautiful black and red design, with yellow stars and an embroidered image of Ms. Haskell herself on the gym bag within the Star Cruncher logo.Nikki Haskell Fitness in a Bag

It’s not just me that is impressed with this product, either, In fact, the positive comments in the reviews are raving about the results that this product has provided. Some of the valuable feedback that was left online describes the product as “fitness in a bag”.Nikki Haskell


Reviewers are in love with the fact that the Star Cruncher is so easy and convenient to use. Without ever having to travel to the gym, fans of the product have reported toned arms and firm glutes.

One of the best features of the Star Cruncher that was highlighted in its sparkling review is the instructional videos that come along with the entire package. These DVD videos include short clips of Nikki discussing he Star Cruncher with Joan Collins, Beverly Johnson, Buzz Aldrin, and Ann Turkel. This video can be found within the set, titled “Star Cruncher in Beverly Hills.”

Nikki Haskell

Described as enjoyable and informative, they include the perfect recipe for any kind of workout routine.

If the customer reviews are not proof enough of how well this product works, world-famous artist LeRoy Neiman was seen sporting the Star Cruncher logo after Nikki’s dance exercise video “Dancesation” came out.

With everything you need to work out in one stylish bag, the Star Cruncher is quite literally a “gym in a bag.” A role-model, worldwide icon in many industries, and my dear friend, Nikki Haskell has succeeded once again with this very special product.



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