Ororo Heated Vest Review

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The Ororo heated vest appears as a normal puffy vest that comes with a battery. You can charge the battery by connecting it to a USB plug and charger. After charging, you’ll have to attach the battery to a small cord within the vest and tuck it neatly into the interior pocket provided for it.

If you’re thinking about the discomfort of carrying the battery’s weight around, rest easy because it feels lightweight. Most people say they don’t even feel or remember the presence of the battery when wearing the vest.

The vest itself has four heating areas, one by the neck, upper back, and one underneath each pocket in the front in the stomach area. It’s a satisfying distribution to keep you warm.

You turn the vest ON by pressing the Ororo logo on the upper left side. You’ll see the logo turn red to indicate it’s ON.

To give even more versatility, there are heating levels fitted into this vest. You can switch between low, medium, and high with your Ororo heated vest. And this influences how long the battery would last.

It’s 10 hours run time on the low setting, 6 hours on medium, and 3 hours on high. Depending on where and when you’re wearing your Ororo heated vest, the battery time should be sufficient.

Unlike regular vests, this heated vest has limited wash times. This means you shouldn’t wash it often as there’s a specific number of wash times at which the life span expires.

To keep your vest clean, you can wear a lighter clothing item over it.

How cold are you? Would you love to have a walking warmer with you during the coldest times of the year? Do you feel colder with age and wish there was something to do other than sit beside the fireplace?

These are random questions but somehow they’ll tell just how excited you might get to hear about the Ororo heated vest.

Benefits of the Ororo Heated Vest

The most obvious benefit is keeping you warm. And while there are other heated clothing options, this vest is a great option for keeping the warmth closer to your skin. It’s less bulky than a heated jacket.

The Ororo can help soothe injury, charge a cell phone, soothe sore muscles, and much more.

It’s worn by equestrians, outdoor enthusiasts, teachers, and anyone who wants to stay warm.

As a clothing item, it has two pockets with zippers that can accommodate a large cell phone or anything else of similar size.

What the Ororo Is Not 

The Ororo heated vest is not fashionable. It’s a boxy, puffy thing serving as a warmer, not a fashion item. It’s for functional purposes.

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