Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2019 – Everything to Know

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Ok fashion-heads, let’s be honest with each other. All of us had been waiting for the Paris Fashion Week 2019 schedule for women and the fact that it is almost here, we cannot hold our breath even for a second.

Paris Fashion Week

I mean, come on, did you look at all the Gucci, Prada, Dior and Chanel in 2018? 2019 is going to be even better and grander. Let me tell you 8 brands that I am watching this year and why!

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Quick Info About Paris Fashion Week 2019

When: Paris Fashion Week 2019 will begin on MondayFebruary 25 and ends on TuesdayMarch 5

Where: Venues around the City.

The full schedule can be found HERE

Chanel Paris  2019

Chanel is not just a brand, it is a feeling, and a luxurious one. They always set the ramp on fire and this is why I never miss when the Chanel girls walk the show.

Dries Van Noten  2019

Dries Van Noten is known for his logical and yet highly creative fashion sense. His designs are loved by women who don’t just buy fashion but invest in it.

Maison Margiela  2019

Over the last few years, Maison Margiela has become a name synonymous to Luxury. The brand originally started as a menswear brand but when the founder of the brand realized the creative side of the women’s fashion industry, there was nothing stopping him.

Paris Fashion Week

Paco Rabanne  2019

The rebellious and radical designs by the brand have earned it the name ‘unruly child’. Their designs are DIFFERENT and yet surprisingly, they never look out of place.

Rick Owens  2019

Rick Owens has a sense that has been a step ahead of his time since his first commercial success. Rick has had his hands in several places and several flavors of life and this is probably what has inspired him to do what he does to clothes.

Loewe  2019

Do you love bags? If yes, you don’t need another reason to not to miss this brand at the Paris Fashion Week 2019.

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Junya Watanabe  2019

If cute and romantic clothes are your thing, this is the designer to look out for. His romantically creative side is totally evident in his clothes and his collection. If you see this designer serious, you can be sure that something beautiful is coming up.

Valentino 2019

Valentino is yet another fashion house that is luxurious, practical and on the wish lists of several women around the world.

And Stay tuned! for latest upcoming updates regarding Paris Fashion Week 2019.

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  • Natalya Olsen

    So many amazing designs. I’m so impressed. I also completely agree with what you say about these brands are technically lifestyles. I’m so in love with the direction the fashion world is heading in.

  • Alexa G

    Gosh, there are so many new designs this year. I believe that every designer really set the bar high for next year. It’s going to be amazing to see where the Paris Fashion Week heads.

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