Pet Subscription Boxes

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Pets make our hearts swell with warmth and love. Pets (not just dogs now) are man’s best friend. It doesn’t matter if your animal companion is a dog, a cat, a parrot, or a chicken. As long as you love them, you will always think of doing one thing for them whenever you get the chance–spoil them!

Yes, nowadays pet owners find more creative ways to spoil their pets depending on their breed and needs. But the most popular and most loved way is to get a subscription box.

A pet subscription box is nothing more than a cute box of stuff your pet will love. They will be wagging their tails, licking your face, or flapping their wings in delight when the box comes in.

Pet subscription box companies make sure to include anything you can think of from squeaky toys to chewers and nutritional supplements. All you need to do is provide specific details like their size, age, and more.

So, if you are wondering about the best subscription boxes to depend on for a regular treat or a birthday surprise, we have got a list prepared just for you. Feel free to analyze them all and choose the one that suits you best.

Pet Subscription Boxes


If you know subscription boxes at all, then you should expect this as number 1. Barkbox is as popular as they come and from what we know they do a great job delivering a box of things your pet will love. A classic Barkbox contains a chew, two toys, and two bags of treats for your dog. They have allergy-friendly options for dogs with an allergy and even allow you to customize your box to add plush toys. Barkbox starts at $22 a month.

Pet Subscription Boxes


Anyone who owns a cat knows that they love to be pampered more than everything else. In fact, they can be quite smug about it. They are also very picky, which makes KitNipBox stand out as the best in pet subscription boxes for cats. The box always contains high-quality loveable toys handpicked for your feline. They include up to 5 delicious treats, health and hygiene products and accessories. Of course, there are options and you can be specific based on your cat’s needs. KitNipBox starts at $19.99 a month.

Squawk Box

Something for the bird lovers. Regardless of if you have a parakeet or a macaw, you can depend on Squawk Box for a treat for all the birds in your life. Every box comes with brain-stimulating toys, healthy snacks, accessories, and more. It is a complete package. Also, part of the profits from Squawk Box is donated to bird rescue organizations monthly. So you will make many more birds happy. The box starts at $24.95.


Hamster Mail

Cute, furry buddies can also get a box of hamster goodness from Hamster mail. This box caters specifically to hamsters and usually contains toys, treats, and more goodies to make your hamster’s day. The subscription starts at $21 monthly excluding shipping.


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