Makeup Storage Tips

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I don’t know about you, but to me, nothing feels more satisfying than having an organized makeup closet. I have learned it makes it easier to perform your beauty routine on-time and keep everything clean and fresh.

If you can’t seem to keep your makeup organized – for more than a day- then you are in luck. Read on as I dish out practical makeup storage tips to help you stay at the top of your game.

P.S.: If you are a makeup minimalist you probably have few makeup products which would fit in one box. As long as you maintain them properly you will be fine. These tips below are for makeup junkies; ladies with more products than they even use.

Separate your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are a vital part of everyday makeup. The best way to store them neatly and properly is to separate them from other makeup items. Place all your brushes in a cup or glass jar. Place the jar on the countertop or a clean and dust-free area.

Make Up Storage Tips

Clear plastic

Trust me, I am just like you, I usually throw out any plastic wrapping that comes with my makeup but when it came down to keeping things organized, I realized those plastic wraps can do much more. Store your eyeshadow quads in a clear plastic pouch. If you can’t get these wraps, then purchase plastic containers just like them. Use it to keep your loose makeup items, so they stay organized.


Which products do you use more often? Separate these daily favorites from the rest and store them in a makeup bag or box in a super accessible location. When you think about it, you realize that searching for the products you use frequently usually leads to messing up your makeup closet.

Jewelry box for lipsticks

Get an old jewelry box and set all your lipsticks in it with the color sides facing up. This makes it easier to identify the color you want, pull it out, use, and push it back in. Fix the problem of littering lipsticks across your bathroom counter with this tip.

Make Up Storage

Put vintage plates to work

Old dinnerware can do more than sit abandoned in the kitchen cupboard. Show off these pieces by using them to hold your makeup items. Choose suitable sizes that can store your products while keeping them dust-free.

Make Up Storage

Makeup drawers

Makeup drawers are a great storage option. You can purchase different designs and sizes from most makeup stores. Keep the items you need or use often in the drawer closest to you and organize others accordingly.

Remember the key is to make all your items accessible but in a dust and dirt free environment. Pull this off for longer than 24 hours and it should stick as a habit.

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