Preserving Our Heritage Mustangs

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Mustangs are a descendant of wild horses brought into the continent by explorers in the 16th century.

They have been a vital part of the nation’s history for centuries. Mustangs in their wild, free natural habitat represent our freedom and spirit. They are an icon of native peoples and early settlers of North America. And when it comes to winning the hearts of horse lovers, they are one of the most admired horse breeds.

Unfortunately, in recent times, our iconic Heritage Mustangs have come under the grave threat of extinction.

Certain practices threaten to wipe them out completely and break their free-roaming spirit.

The biggest of these threats are Helicopter Round-Ups.

Helicopter Round-Ups is a controversial management practice that involves using helicopters to capture wild horses. They are taken from their natural habitat and held in government facilities.

The process of capturing these horses often leads to injury and deaths in large numbers. There are heartbreaking videos of such operations making headlines all too often.

In the facilities where they are held, the Mustangs face an uncertain future.

The organization in charge of caring for and managing wild horses struggles with funding. Yet it has over 60,000 wild horses stockpiled with nowhere to go. As their numbers increase, the pressure to sell them for slaughter grows.

This is a real and urgent issue. You can preserve the lives of our heritage Mustangs by supporting the non-profit organizations dedicated to this cause.

These include –

The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC): AWHC works to protect and preserve wild horses and burros in America. The nonprofit advocates for humane management practices. It has been at the forefront of opposing helicopter round-ups.

Return to Freedom: Return to Freedom is a sanctuary and advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wild horses. They rescue and provide a safe haven for mustangs while advocating for their rights.

The Cloud Foundation: This organization is named after the famous wild stallion Cloud. They are dedicated to the preservation of wild horses and burros. They focus on advocacy, education, and public outreach.

Preserving Mustangs is more than protecting horse life and our history. Research shows that these horses play a vital role in preserving the ecological balance of the American West. This, in turn, benefits a wide range of species.

Their unique genetic traits are also essential for the future of horse breeding.

Culturally, mustangs represent the untamed beauty of the West.

If you would like to support the cause and play a part in the preservation of our Mustangs, visit the organizations’ websites. And share your knowledge to get more support.

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