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Not too long ago, Rolls Royce unveiled the Phantom Syntopia, a one-off bespoke masterpiece created in collaboration with Dutch designer Iris van Herpen.

This epitome of luxury and craftsmanship took four years to make from conception to completion and will make its way to the owner in May.

Unlike any other couture car out there, this one comes with the highest standards of customization, including its own signature scent, color, and interior. Rolls Royce has also promised never to replicate this car – an exclusivity that no doubt denotes an unimaginable cost.

From conception to completion

When one of Rolls-Royce’s repeat customers asked about possibly creating a couture car, Will Gellatly, head of the company’s bespoke sales division, knew they couldn’t say no.

Rolls Royce and many of its competitors offer a level of customization on their luxury cars upon request. Still, even the expected level of customization for this request was a tall order; the company was ready to see through.

The customer was specific about enlisting the help of a fashion designer to create a car like you would create a dress and recommended Iris van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen is known for her stunning dress work for the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Michelle Yeoh.

She has also been an early adopter of technology, including 3D printing and laser cutting in dressmaking. She routinely collaborates with artists and artisans who work in various non-fashion-world mediums.

Per the mystery customer’s request, this made her the perfect partner for Rolls Royce.

Following this, the Phantom Syntopia takes aesthetic inspiration from van Herpen’s 2018 Syntopia collection.

“I was inspired by the concept of ‘Weaving Water’ and transformed the sense of being in movement into an immersive experience of fluidity inside the Phantom,” van Herpen said in a statement about the project. “The powerful movement of the Phantom is woven into the shifting three-dimensional waves inside the car to embody the ingenuity of nature.”

Van Harpen’s Syntopia collection features a series of highly sculptural garments brought to life through movement.

A three-dimensional textile sculpture that covers the interior roof and side sections is among the bespoke elements of the car’s interior. “We had to examine over 1,000 cow hides to find one that works for the headliner,” says Gellatly. “Then Iris’s team came in and hand-sewed pieces onto it.”

The Phantom Syntopia comes with its custom-made scent unleashed with a scent-releasing mechanism within the headrests. The fragrance is released in delicate doses for a sophisticated sensory experience. And it has been rigorously tested to ensure its efficacy in all weather conditions.

For a lush finish, the exterior boasts a stunning shimmering paint job. Developed by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective, this one-off Liquid Noir paint job reveals iridescent Purple, magenta, Blue, and Gold undertones.

This one-of-a-kind vehicle will be delivered with a matching dress designed by van Herpern for the new owner.

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