Serialist Randy Edelman: Returns to Chelsea New York City June 9th, 2023 @ 9PM

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If you’ve ever wondered what Heaven sounds like or what it means to scream Divinity then please join illustrious composer Randy Edelman at Chelsea Table and Stage  at 152 West 26th Street (inside the Hilton Hotel) on June 9th at 9:00 PM  for a sensational musical journey through the soundscape and backstage antics of his majestic career, past, present and future…

Ultimately a kaleidoscope of music, Randy sets forth new harmonies, new contrasts, new rhythms, and combinations where nothing ever happens twice alike. However, the shimmering bits of the glass encased within the kaleidoscope also unfolds familiar patterns while presenting his infinite diversities.


The multi-award winning composer is globally acclaimed for breathing life into Hollywood by scoring over 100 motion pictures soundtracks and television themes. Some of those include; “Last of the Mohicans”, “My Cousin Vinny”, “Ghostbusters ll”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Dragonheart”, “XXX”, “Billy Madison”, “The Bruce Lee Story”, the theme for the NBC hit series “MacGyver”, various themes for ESPN, the theme for the Olympics, and an unlimited lust of others. Even before that after beginning his career in the Broadway Orchestra pits of New York, he became a pop smash in the UK and appeared on the iconic BBC hit show “Top of The Pops” with his triumphs “Concrete and Clay” and “Uptown, Uptempo Woman.” He then celebrated some of the most legendary artists on the planet covering his songs, including “A Weekend in New England” as recorded by Barry Manilow, “Isn’t It A Shame” as recorded by Patti LaBelle, “You” as recorded by The Carpenters, “My Place” as recorded by HipHop superstar Nelly and other artists, including Olivia Newton-John, Dionne Warwick, Willie Nelson, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and a plethora of others again too many to mention.

Randy Edelman


 Aside from performing for sold out crowds with his solo performances “A Life in 80 Minutes” (more like 2 hours), in both New York and London, Randy continues to write hit songs and score a barrage of  films. His recent post pandemic hit “Comin’ Out The Other Side” charted on Billboard AC Chart followed by his R&B hit “How Could I Let You Go” via Tribeca Records. His newest release “Pretty Girls” is featured in the new thriller “The Possession of Anne” which he also wrote the soundtrack for and is set to come out in October on Amazon Prime. The soundtrack for that movie though not yet released officially contains some of the best music ever written. He also continues to work on his musical “Short Cut” about the building of the Panama Canal.


Randy is feverishly working on the new Ghostbusters ll documentary “Too Hard to Handle” and the new Cuba Gooding Jr. and Josh Weber Holiday movie “Athena Saves Christmas.” He is also writing the soundtrack for a Nashville movie soon to be released. Aside from focusing on films, Randy is writing a kick-ass killer new album set to be titled “Cannot Be Killed by Any Conventional Means.” Randy will continue to wow audiences in New York City and London along the way…..

While Randy’s music drives his fans smack into the daylight of life, his romantic lyrics paint the sky a darker blue on blue and deeper shades running into the night as they cast a shadow over the moon of your heart.

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