Orient Express La Dolce Vita

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2023 signaled the start of many good things in the world of travel and luxury, including the opening of the doors of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. More than a train ride, the relationship between the Orient Express La Dolce Vita, its passengers, and the tracks blazing across Rome to Paris, Istanbul, and Split is one of deep romance.

How it started

It began 150 years ago when Georges Nagelmackers launched the first Orient Express train. Since then, travelers who know how to travel in style and romanticize every moment of their journey have equated these trains with this experience.

Orient Express La Dolce Vita

The 2023 launch

A look inside the Orient Express La Dolce Vita will reveal that it is a world away from the past Orient Express trains. Designed by Dimorestudio, a global architectural and design studio founded in 2003, the train’s decor is a major highlight set to thrill guests. Dimorestudio, as master French craftsmen themselves, have drawn inspiration from the genius designs and craftsmanship of the 1960s and 1970s. They’ve successfully combined these golden age designs with a contemporary style for the modern traveler.

“La Dolce Vita train will accelerate luxury rail tourism and will appeal to many passengers as a safe and eco-sustainable way of moving that protects the environment and allows them to rediscover fascinating places in our regions.”

Orient Express La Dolce Vita is made up of six trains, each featuring 12 “deluxe cabins,” 18 suites, an “Honour Suite,” and a restaurant carriage offering a “five-star dining experience” including “award-winning Italian wines and exclusive haute cuisine.”

What to expect?

Imagine an adventure-paced date through Italy from the Alps in the north to the beaches of the south, gliding past countryside, lakes, and forests in off-the-beaten-track routes and enjoying the art and culture of cities like Milan, Florence, Venice, and Rome.

This is complete with 5-star service provided by cabin stewards who are on call 24/7. Might you want cocktails, midnight snacks, or even breakfast in bed? You’ll get it. You’ll be treated like royalty.

Dinner on the La Dolce Vita is an occasion itself. The motto of the train is “You can never be overdressed.” The menus are designed and prepared onboard by French star chef Jean Imbert. And while you can get suite service, who would want to miss the chance to inspect their fellow passengers over memorable dishes?

There’s also a bar for before and after-dinner moments to listen to live piano music and indulge in inventive cocktails.

Orient Express La Dolce Vita

What does it cost?

Did we mention you don’t only get to see the adventure around you but smell them too? You can throw the windows open on this luxury train ride.

A stay on the Orient Express La Dolce Vita comes with a hefty price tag, with trips averaging out to around €2,000 (around $2,255) per person per night.

And quite purposefully, the Orient Express La Dolce Vita aims to draw in a modern kind of traveler longing for an experience where the journey is the destination.

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