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Use Shout Wipes, as we enter into the beautiful, hot summer month of August, many Americans are getting as much wear out of their summer wardrobe as possible. After all, Labor Day is fast approaching and most of us still believe it is taboo to sport our whites after this holiday. Who came up with that rule anyway? As much as we want to look fabulous and glowing in white for August, for many of us, the thought of wearing this unforgiving color that picks up every speck of dirt and dust the wind blows makes us nervous, and we end up putting that stunning white sundress back in our closet for next year.

The stress of fashion can sometimes immobilize a woman to the point of staying home for a night of Netflix instead of joining the rest of the world for events and celebrations. That one-of-kind vintage piece that would make any gal stand out like a classy dame on the red carpet is a must-wear to the event of the year. Unfortunately, wearing this treasure makes you steer clear of drinks, food, or getting on the dance floor. Ruining a classic with spills and sweat is a no-no. Opt to take some selfies from home in your bathroom mirror. Sharing it on Instagram is as close as anyone is going to get to your beautiful vintage-one-of-a-kind.

The days of being a prisoner to your wardrobe have truly come to an end. Shout came up with an idea to answer the call of so many across the country. Stain removing wipes for on the go is a brilliant master plan. An absolute necessity, Shout Wipes are being carried in every handbag across the nation. Food, wine, dirt, sweat, and unidentifiable stains children manage to get on themselves and the furniture are no longer a threat to looking fabulous.

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about looking good again? Pull off the price tags to your never worn whites and your classic, vintage pieces…Shout Wipes got you covered.

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