The Honey Deuce: A Frozen Twist on a Grand Slam Classic

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The Honey Deuce: A Frozen Twist on a Grand Slam Classic Ah, summer – the season of sunshine, tennis whites, and refreshing cocktails. And speaking of cocktails, if there’s one drink that has become synonymous with the U.S. Open, it’s the illustrious Honey Deuce. For the uninitiated, this charmingly pink concoction has been quenching the thirst of tennis aficionados for nearly 20 years, making it more of a tradition than just a drink.

However, in the ever-evolving world of mixology, traditions can undergo an innovative spin, and the Honey Deuce is no exception. The big news this U.S. Open season? Our beloved drink has taken on a frozen avatar, ensuring tennis enthusiasts get a slushy, sweet, and tart experience with each sip. The Frozen Honey Deuce has truly served an ace in the cocktail game!

As the blistering heat of summer reaches its peak, what could be better than a drink that keeps you cool while also embodying the spirit of the U.S. Open? The new, frosty iteration, while bearing the soul of its original version, combines Grey Goose vodka, fresh lemonade, and raspberry liqueur. The outcome? A harmonious blend of flavors that’s both invigorating and nostalgic. Let’s not forget its pièce de résistance—the honeydew melon balls that not only add an aesthetic touch but also an extra burst of coolness.

Now, while catching the Grand Slam action from the plush seats of Arthur Ashe Stadium, sipping on a Honey Deuce is an unparalleled experience. But for those of us cheering from our living rooms, fret not. Bringing the U.S. Open vibe to your home watch party is as easy as blending up this frozen marvel. Within five minutes, you can whip up this icy delight and serve championship vibes to your guests.

The Honey Deuce

DIY Frozen Honey Deuce:


– 1 1/4 oz. Grey Goose vodka

– 3 oz. fresh lemonade

– 1/2 oz. raspberry liqueur

– Frozen honeydew melon balls (for that extra flair!)


  1. Grab your trusty blender and toss in the vodka, lemonade, and raspberry liqueur.
  2. Add a hearty helping of ice.
  3. Blend away until you achieve that smooth, slushy texture.
  4. Pour your creation into a glass, and for the finishing touch, skewer a couple of frozen honeydew melon balls and place it atop your drink.

And voila! You’ve got yourself the U.S. Open’s most celebrated cocktail in its freshest form.

Whether you’re a die-hard tennis fan or someone who simply loves a good cocktail, the Frozen Honey Deuce is a refreshing testament to summer, tennis, and the joy of a drink done right. So, the next time you tune into the U.S. Open matches, make sure you’ve got this icy companion by your side. It’s game, set, and match for your taste buds!

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