Spirit of the Season

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Spirit of the Season as we drift from the general time period from holiday to holiday at the end of December and beyond, and gently make a transition into a new year, I am reminded of the spirit of the season. A new year can have different meanings to different people: to some, it can mean a new beginning, a fresh start, and to others, it offers the opportunity to do things successfully with the advent of a new calendar on their wall.

kid in snowWhen out of nowhere we are suddenly surprised with sub-zero temperatures and the season’s first significant snowfall. Shorter daylight hours don’t help either, but football playoff games and other seasonal sports can provide an exciting distraction for all.

Yes, it’s the beginning of a new year with all of the hopes, dreams, and aspirations a new calendar gives us. For some, especially our youth this can be a delightful time of year with all kinds of outdoor activities: ice skating, skiing, sledding, etc. Even a simple walk in the great outdoors can be very therapeutic. The unexpected sighting of a cardinal bird in its bright red vest gives us a nice perspective that Valentine’s day is not that far away, with Spring in all its glory is just around the corner.

Snow DeerIn the Spirit of the Season, but let’s not rush things; with Mother Nature in hibernation and freshly fallen snow surrounding our landscape with a serene, white blanket it’s that time of year to pause and reflect upon things in general in front of a fireplace with a cup of our favorite hot beverage and relax.

Before we know it, baseballs will be hit out of Wrigley Field, retail stores will be advertising Easter, and school kids will be talking about another summer vacation. So let’s all slow down and appreciate this snowy oasis while we still have it available.


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