Spotlight on Equine Therapy Heroes

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The recovery of people who have suffered an accident or have been born with a condition that does not allow them to develop and function naturally in society has been achieved through various methods that really leave hopeful results.

Therapies have revolutionized the world

Equine Therapy Heroes

Therapies have evolved in a great way and are increasingly the existing options for people that require one of these treatments. One of the remedies that have taken the most strength in recent years is equine therapy.

Equine-assisted therapy is one of the most effective treatments

I On The Horse

For a long time,Equine therapy with horses has been considered one of the noblest, since these creatures are able to transmit tranquility and happiness to all their patients. Usually, it is used with those people affected by a natural or provoked disaster. There are some horses that have become part of many associations that are dedicated to the recovery of various victims of a disaster or who are patients of some hospitals.

There are several organizations that have a team of miniature horses to treat many of their smallest patients, these animals always look friendly and adorable with all their sufferers. Many of these animals have become influential celebrities in the world of rehabilitation.

Training of horses

Equine Therapy Heroes

The training of horses to be able to offer their services to victims is a little rigorous and it takes at least a couple of years for them to complete activities that will become daily, for example, climb the elevators, go up and down stairs, learn to move inside hospitals and be careful when you find yourself in small rooms. This training is necessary so that they can enter hospitals.

These small horses are also trained so that they do not react in any way too loud sounds like those of the alarms, or to the noise of the helicopters, it must be remembered that these have a large number of patients that can be found in different situations and can be easy or not access to them.

These horses look simply adorable

Equine therapy Heroes


Equine therapy has been commissioned to help a large number of patients to overcome significant traumas caused by various reasons and has been really effective in children.

There are personalized options for children’s therapies, where they are even invited to participate in readings with horses that resemble the characters that are included in each of the stories they have prepared for them, in this way they can go beyond fantasy and make the little ones live a 100% real experience.

The remedies with horses have become popular, especially for younger people, the trust and sweetness that they transmit to their patients is incomparable.

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