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The Beauty and Brains Behind June Jacobs

When the opportunity came up to interview June Jacobs I jumped at it. I have been very impressed with all her work and wanted to learn more about her. If you enjoy pampering yourself to luxurious spa treatments you are probably already very familiar with June Jacobs skin care line, …

Wealth of Information Spotlighting Health at 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival

The opening segment of this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival focused on health and gave way to the overall theme in upcoming activities. In partnership with The Atlantic magazine, the programming began June 25, in Aspen, Colorado, and will run through July 1.


Youth is one of the biggest blessings one can be bestowed with and even though it’s priceless it is limited. It is, perhaps, the most thriving and energetic time of one’s life where everything seems to be at its peak and that’s why one of the biggest fears for many …

Health and Happiness: A Winning Combination for Healthful Habits, Inc.

Exploring vegetarian delightful dishes and blending them into a healthy lifestyle is the treasure people will discover when they encounter Healthful Habits Inc., owned and operated by Gloria Athanis and H.C. Choi.