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5 Of The Best Anti-Aging Products To Add To Your Hair Arsenal

Often times, our faces receive the most attention and care when it comes to preventing the wrinkling, spots and sagging that comes with age. We rarely – if ever – consider the fact that our hair can deteriorate with age, too!

I On Beauty: Anti-aging Benefits of 5 Teas

Tea has been clinically proven the best beverage as it brings anti-aging benefits for all the layers of skin. Tea has less caffeine than coffee and the anti-oxidant properties keep the body and skin always hydrated and healthy.

June Jacobs Header

The Beauty and Brains Behind June Jacobs

When the opportunity came up to interview June Jacobs I jumped at it. I have been very impressed with all her work and wanted to learn more about her. If you enjoy pampering yourself to luxurious spa treatments you are probably already very familiar with June Jacobs skin care line, …

Summer Skin Care: Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy & Nourished

Sure, it’s very easy to kick back and relax in the summer. After all, long sunny summer days are practically made for vacations! While you can certainly recline in your beach chair and let the whole world wait, slacking on your summer skin care is simply something you cannot afford. …

I ON BEAUTY – Chapter 25: Top Anti-Aging and Skin Care Trends for 2017

The anti-aging and skin care industries keeps evolving with time. It was not too long ago when the words hyaluronic acid sounded a tad bit weird to all of us, but then it went mainstream and was basically everywhere. The advancements and endless choices, can however give us a mini …

I ON BEAUTY – Chapter 24: Products That Slow Aging Process While You Sleep

I am sure you have all come across the term “beauty sleep.” This term implies that one must take proper sleep in order to maintain one’s beauty. A proper sleep cycle is very important for anyone who wishes to have a flawless skin and radiant beauty. No matter, how many …


Diet is a necessary component in both physical and mental health. It is what determines how physically and mentally fit you are for coping with the daily challenges of life. All of us want to feel (and look) young forever. While that may not be exactly possible, these age-defying foods …


“Aging is an unstoppable part of your life. There are many cosmetic creams and medical procedures which help you retain your youthful appearance a little longer. But I am sure, all of you, just like me, are looking for an easier way. So, how about trying some simple home remedies …

I On Youth: The Science and Benefits Behind Hyaluronic Acid

Irene’s anti-aging beauty product I On Youth Roll-On Serum, was featured in Life & Style Weekly Magazine, reaffirming her reputation as a leading voice for proactive attention to beauty at any age.