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Fox Hunting Traditions

The Blessing of the Hounds & Fox Hunting Traditions

The Blessing of the Hounds opens the season on September 29th this year, and it is sure to draw a considerable crowd of excited onlookers, just as it does every year. Wayne, Illinois is a small village nestled about 40 miles west of Chicago.

Urban Legend: Profile of North Chicago Fire Chief Dell Urban

Dell Urban is chief of the North Chicago Fire Department, supervising 36 firefighters. She is one of the few female fire chiefs in the country. Dell Urban considers herself one of the guys. But she is the boss. “I’m proud and I really like my job. To me it’s the …

Mats Wilander Plays at Dunham Woods Riding Club

A tennis legend from the 1980’s made an exclusive appearance (on Sunday, August 11th) at Dunham Woods Riding Club in Wayne, Illinois. Tennis star Mats Wilander conducted his very own tennis clinic in front of a packed gallery; adults and juniors alike welcomed the privilege to be on the same court with a seven-time, Grand Slam champion.