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Sports Fans, United On The West Side of Chicago

On the West side of Chicago, across the street from where the legendary Chicago Stadium used to be, there is a meeting place for sports fans, whether it be for basketball or hockey.

Another Unbelievable Concert by The Rolling Stones at the United Center in Chicago!

These guys are so loved, the audience could not get enough of them. What is it about them that is so special? No matter how many times you see the Rolling Stones, you want more!

Four Former World Tennis Champions Duke it Out at Chicago’s United Center

The spotlights beamed down on the crystal blue tennis court which became the center of attention Oct. 20 at the United Center as four tennis greats challenged each other.

O What a Night—Oprah’s Farewell Spectacular at The United Center

Chicago’s United Center was filled with entertainment’s elite for Oprah’s surprise farewell spectacular. Speculation of who would be in attendance was the talk of the town for days, but Oprah’s team remained tight-lipped in order to create one of the biggest surprises for the talk show legend while taping her final shows.