Technologies I Can’t Live Without

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Technology has evolved so much it’s hard to imagine life without it. Some from an older generation think we are better off with fewer of these modern technologies. Well, I say everything has its pros and cons and I have become accustomed to the amazing benefits of modern technology in my life.

I have changed my use of technologies and the gadgets offered based on different stages in my life. However, here are the technologies I can’t live without (at the moment).


We are on the internet right now and I think it’s pretty obvious that without this technology I can’t have this conversation with you. The Internet has done and grown so much from just searching for information to blogging, shopping, telecommuting, banking, social networking, emailing, and more. We all look to the Internet for the slightest concerns and depend on what it says to make decisions. At this point, it’s not just me but everyone can’t live without this technology.

Technologies I Can’t Live Without

Cell Phones

Everyone has a cell phone. It is so essential now that even young children have their very own. Cell phones are an indispensable communication channel. They help us keep in touch with our loved ones, friends, and business partners.  When I’m not on my PC, I have learned to streamline most of my communication and business processes to my mobile device.

And especially I am a great addict to a Mobile Game called Brawl Stars


You might not appreciate the value of a GPS until you get lost. I mean literally lost and alone in your car. Even for ladies like us, this can be scary. My GPS gives me the confidence to venture almost anywhere. It is such a versatile technology.

Technologies I Can’t Live Without


Cable gives us everything from information to entertainment. I can’t imagine a world without cable or satellite TV. I will admit that having so many channels makes it difficult to actually pick one. It’s like all your favorite things in one place at the same time and someone says you can pick just one! Cable is important to any home.

Digital Camera

This may not be a must-have for you but for a gal who can’t deny her adventurous spirit and curious mind, a digital camera is essential. Digital cameras represent so much advanced technology. It gives us the power to capture moments, ideas, and more. The best part is you don’t need to hang a solid camera right around your neck. They come in phones and work even faster and better.


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