The Best and the Worst Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions are it. They’re the perfect way to bring drama to your eyes, make your looks pop, and even boost your confidence.

But you could lose all the benefits by using the wrong makeup.

Makeup matters when it comes to eyelash extensions because it influences how long your extensions last and how good they look. That means you’ll end up wasting money to get them re-installed, bear the disappointment of them falling prematurely, or be stuck with an unsatisfactory look.

Here are our tips for the best and worst makeup for eyelash extensions. Grab them to guide you.

The worst


Even stylists will tell you that using mascara on lash extensions put a strain on your natural lashes besides causing your lash extensions to fall out. Lash extensions are not permanently glued to your eyes, which means touching them can be wrong. Completely lay off the mascara or go for a minimum application of a lightweight mascara.


Do you know how you have to apply pencil eyeliners along the lash line? Don’t do that with your lash extensions on. It’s bad for many reasons. For starters, dragging a pencil eyeliner on your lash line tangles the lash and pushes it to fall out. It also tends to leave residue on the lash base, which is just terrible.


This should be an established rule for wearing lash extensions. You simply need to avoid any waterproof, smudge-proof, or cleaning-proof makeup. They put pressure on your lash when it’s time to come off and leave residues. You’ll lose some of your lashes when cleaning this stubborn makeup off.


These are great for removing stubborn eye makeup but bad for your eyelash extensions. They loosen the glue that bonds your lash extensions to your natural lashes.

The Best


This differs from pencil eyeliners and moves seamlessly across the lash line. With this, you can save your lash extensions and have less impact on their longevity.


The best choice for eyeliners is when you’re wearing eyelash extensions. You can apply powder eyeliners with a flat angled brush. An excellent product will have a transfer-resistant texture and not fade easily.


A lightweight mascara is a good idea because it’s weightless. It won’t stick unnecessarily to your lashes or leave a residue when you’re cleaning. A good product will bring the drama without the nasty stuff.

Good practices to maintain your fake lashes

Keep your lashes clean. Fake lashes don’t do well with dirt or residue. Also, keep oil-based products and alcohol-based products away from your eyes. They loosen the glue and cause your false lashes to fall off.

Don’t forget to brush your falsies daily with a comb or spoolie to prevent tangles and lift lashes upwards.



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