The Best Tea Brands in the World

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In this article will review and suggest 5 best tea brands in the world to try. You can trust a fellow ardent tea lover to spill the tea on each brand without bias or unnecessary sentiments.

Imagine you have a delicate china cup brimming with an exuberant fragrance from one of your favorite tea brands as you read this. What would your tea taste or look like?

Taking a wild guess, it will probably taste like heaven. If you are a tea connoisseur or collector, you wouldn’t mind adding to your vast array of tasty tea variants.

In no particular order, these tea brands with their various flavors are all worth the try. They will leave you feeling awake, energetic, and relaxed all day long.


  1. Twinings Tea

Twinings tea is one of the oldest and finest tea brands in the world. They specialize in using hand-picked buds and leaves to help brew natural and aromatic teas. Famous for delivering quality tea for their tea lovers, they have various blends of aromatic and soothing teas that are finely produced to cater to each consumer’s taste.

They are quite famous for their loose leaf teas and Chai Latte. This tea brand also has caffeine-induced teas for caffeine lovers who prefer the taste of tea. They also curate a variety of herbal teas.

  1. Lipton

Another popular brand favored by many tea drinkers. If you love and buy tea, you probably need no introduction to the Lipton brand. The beauty of this brand is they’ve been serving consumers with various flavors over the years without compromising their reputation for excellence.

They have tasty flavored teas, such as green tea and mint, green iced tea, berry hibiscus, and a variety of other savory flavors. It doesn’t hurt that their tea packs are very affordable.

Best Tea


  1. TWG Tea

This Singapore tea brand produces rare and fragrant teas you might just get addicted to. They even have a collection of tea rooms and retail outlets across the globe. They are in the business of tea with the finest teas to show for it. The tea bags are hand sewn and loosely made to help have that smoother blend in each sip or gulp.

You might want to go slow on how you run through each pack of TWG though; they are more expensive than the regular store-bought tea brands.


  1. Barney and Sons

This is an American-owned brand that tastes and looks fancier than its price. This recommendation is specifically for tea snobs who easily cringe at poorly made teas promoted as high-end brands. However, Barney and Sons brew teas with consistent quality at an affordable price. You want to add them to your cart as you shop for the best.


  1. Yorkshire Tea

This brand produces the best black teas that turn out rich and creamy with the right dairy. It’s one of the premium brands that gives every tea lover the heavenly goodness they seek from a perfect tea brew. Yorkshire tea offers very fine blends of different flavors that are rich and gratifying with every sip.

Tea snob or not, these are some of the finest teas you want to try out. So share the information with others like you.

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