Best Equestrian Holiday Gifts 2021

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Best Equestrian Holiday Gifts 2021, if you have a horse lover in your life, then you know how much they love items that remind them of their hoofed friends. Shopping gifts they would love -and keep – can be tricky and in this guide, we’ll help you choose right.

First things first….

It’s important to lay some groundwork for choosing the best equestrian holiday gifts. Try to find out more about your equestrian friend. Learn details such as –

The discipline they ride; their favorite colors; the horse they own or love; their horse’s name.

  • Pay for a clinic experience

An equestrian clinic offers an incredible experience for both horse lovers and their horses. They learn from other riders and clinicians. A clinic experience is often on every horse lover’s bucket list.

  • Buy them tickets to an equine event

There are lots of these and horse lovers can’t get enough. Equine events are fun and memorable. You can set up to go with your equestrian friend.

  • Monthly gift box

So your friend had a horse… ever considered a monthly gift box that comes with functional horse-related items they can enjoy? Search for equestrian horse boxes or put one together yourself. Be sure it includes practical items that are useful and can contribute to their love of horses.

Simple yet so thoughtful and is easily one of the best gifts for equestrians. Brushing a horse is a serious bonding business, so horse lovers love to do it. Find a quality horse’s brush with soft bristles and a beautiful finish.

  • Matching saddle pads and polo wraps

No matter what they say, equestrians love this matching gear. Shop lovable colors and patterns to make this a wonderful gift for your friend. They’ll cherish it with their horse.

  • Custom items

This is a versatile gift choice. You can pick a custom photo mug, a custom photo collage pillow, a horse necklace, and so on. There’s no shortage of horse-themed custom items to thrill your equestrian lover and make the best holiday gift.

  • Equestrian candle

Scented candles will always be a welcome gift, but you can make sure it’s an equestrian candle.

  • Gloves

Gloves are essential for horse lovers that ride. Shop durable pieces made from quality and colorful materials. You can never have too many gloves, as they’re often lost or need to be replaced.

  • Custom horse portrait

Horse decor is another great gift for equestrians. Especially when it’s a portrait of their horse. It’s a memorable item that can serve as a memento if the horse passes away.

  • Photography session

As an alternative to a drawn portrait, you can arrange a professional photography session for your friend and their horse. These can then be framed as a memorable experience.

Some pro tips for choosing the best equestrian holiday gift tips:

If you’re looking to book an event or buying tickets to shows, try to confirm that your friend would like to go to these shows or is available on the date.