The French Manor Inn and Spa

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The French Manor Inn and Spa is an enchanting stone chateau overlooking the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Poconos mountains, making it an ideal location for an autumn weekend escape. It was built in 1937 by mining magnate Joseph Hirshhorn, shortly before the outbreak of World War II in Europe, The Poconos region soon became a family destination for GI’s on leave, as well as a romantic getaway for young couples who often later returned as honeymooners. Hirshhorn decided to build a manor house for his summers and holidays and soon brought Italian and German craftsmen to help create his vision on Huckleberry Mountain, using only natural lumber and fieldstone from local quarries.

Travel abroad without leaving the country with a visit to the northern mountains of Pennsylvania. The lush surroundings serve as a nurturing escape from the urban chaos of everyday life in the city. Don’t get me wrong, of course, we’re tough in Chicago, but we also know how to sit back and relax. That brings to mind the exquisite accommodations of the French Manor Inn and Spa.

Beautifully situated atop Huckleberry Mountain in the central Poconos region, it serves as both a spa and a boutique-style bed-and-breakfast. In addition, it quells gastronomic curiosity with expertly hand-crafted classic French cuisine, served in the elegance of their exquisite Four-Diamond restaurant. This is truly a gem of a weekend getaway.

Over the years the Inn has changed ownership several times and is currently run by the Logan family, owners of the nearby Sterling Inn. They’ve used this opportunity to create a unique experience for visitors, transforming it into a full-service romantic country inn, which now also includes the La Maisonneuve building an addition that houses six romantic suites, each with a private balcony overlooking the Poconos.

If you’re planning a quick trip this fall, the weather is absolutely perfect and the natural beauty of the fall foliage bursting with awe-inspiring colors will allow you to indulge in nature’s splendor. In October, temperatures are slightly chilly but still very comfortable, especially if you’re fashionably functional and layer up!

In November, although things get slightly cooler, it doesn’t even matter because you’ll be lounging indoors enjoying a rejuvenating massage, melting into a book by a warm fireplace, or de-stressing in a soothing salt water soak. Enjoy yoga in the saltwater enjoy the outdoors, the soothing green gardens and lawns beckon, awakening your senses while connecting you to this perfect moment in the beauty of the earth’s natural surroundings. Speaking of relaxation, have you tried our I On Youth Roll-On Serum? Dab some on to refresh your naturally youthful appearance. (Don’t forget to tag us in that cute selfie!)

Also, seclusion and solitude can work wonders for your weary soul and the interior facilities of the French Manor Inn and Spa provide six styles of suites to choose from. And, to keep stress at bay, all rooms are set up with an emphasis on both privacy and luxury. In other words – bliss for any season.

For more information about the property or to make reservations, call 877-720-6090 or visit the website at Find them on Facebook at The French Manor.

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