Moby Dick at The Lookingglass Theatre Company

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 “To fire the imagination with love, to celebrate the human capacity to taste and smell, weep and laugh, create and destroy, and wake up where we first fell- changed, charged, and empowered.”  This is the goal of the Lookingglass Theatre Company.

Founded in 1988 by graduates of Northwestern University, the Lookingglass Theatre Company is a perfect example for all other theater companies to follow: creating and presenting outstanding ensemble theater productions, designed to interact with the audience, engage them, and ultimately leave them feeling rejuvenated and entertained. Nestled in the heart of Michigan Ave., the Lookingglass Theatre Co. opened in 2003 inside the historic Water Tower Water Works building (which still operates, pumping an estimated 250,000 gallons of water each day.) The innovative design of the main stage (created by Morris Architects) allows Lookingglass to reconfigure the shape of the stage, based upon each production’s needs, as they change from show to show. This ability to adapt the stage creates a cozy, comfortable, atmosphere for all visitors to enjoy the variety of presentations Lookingglass performs during a typical calendar year.

Communications Director John White, Lookingglass Theatre Board President Nancy Timmers and starring actor Anthony Fleming III
Communications Director John White, Lookingglass Theatre Board President Nancy Timmers and starring actor Anthony Fleming III

Accommodating 240 guests with 60 in the balcony, it is no surprise to anyone who visits this impressive venue that they are the recipient of the 2011 Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater. Lookingglass has earned a national reputation for excellent productions including Mary Zimmerman’s Tony Award-winning Metamorphoses and David Schwimmer’s adaption of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle.” Expertly directed by ensemble member David Catlin, Moby Dick is currently playing until September 3rd.

A packed house was on the edge of their seat during this lively adaptation of Herman Melville’s book on opening night, Wed., June 7th. Nathan Hosner delivered a riveting performance as Capt. Ahab, along with Anthony Fleming III as the savage Queepeg and Kareem Bandealy in the role of Starbuck.


Moby Dick took us all on a fascinating ride as opening night was a smashing success. Capt. Ahab and his renegade crew aboard the adventurous Pequod relentlessly pursued the legendary white whale, almost to the point of self-destruction. Congratulations to sponsors United Airlines and Park Hyatt Chicago, along with the entire cast and crew for making this an unforgettable night at the remarkable Lookingglass Theater Co.

Ship Ahoy!

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