How to Travel with Pets in the Summer

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To most people pets are like family and when it comes down to traveling, leaving them behind may seem absurd. Traveling with your pet during summer can raise a new set of challenges because of everything that comes with this season. You would want to be prepared for anything and be ready to give your pet the best care during trips. Check out this guide on how to travel with pets in the summer.

Start with the basics

Pets differ greatly from humans and need extra precautions during travel. To begin, you must cover the basics starting with your mode of transport. Trains are the ideal option for many reasons. They are pet-friendly giving you the chance to break up your journey, take your pet on a short walk or stroll, and outside the confines of the train. If you have to go with a plane, by all means, find a trusted pet-friendly airline. Be informed on the airlines’ policies for pet travel to help you make the best choice.

If you are traveling by car, ensure your pet harness or pet carrier is in order.


How to Travel with Pets in the Summer

There are official rules to pet travel, and proper means of identification are one of them. You will need a pet passport, updated tags or collars, and a microchip. It is important that your pet is outfitted with valid identification in case he gets lost or separated from you.


This is summer after all, and your pet will get dehydrated more often.  Keep your pet healthy and hydrated with lots of water before, during, and after the trip. You can secure water bowls to your pet’s crate on a flight and make sure they can easily reach it. To make the water last longer and avoid spillage during the trip, freeze the water first.

How to Travel with Pets in the Summer

Vet visit

Don’t assume your pet is 100% healthy and fit to travel. Schedule a visit to the vet to update vaccines and evaluate your pet’s overall health. You will also need documentation from the vet to certify that your pet is fit for travel.


Jack Russell Terrier Dog Enjoying a Car Ride.

This is easier when you travel by air or train. Allow fresh air come in for most of the journey to keep pets well ventilated. Unlike humans who can adjust layers of clothing, your pet’s fur gives him little flexibility. Also, do not allow pets to stick their heads out of the window of a car to avoid injury.

Practice socialization and good exercise

Traveling means meeting lots of people and you have to be sure your pet is ready for that. Teach socialization with humans and other pets. Ensure your pet gets good exercise to avoid fatigue and to keep them healthy. Summer can be overwhelming with the heat and exercise helps your pet stay agile and happy.

Some items to carry along for your summer travels with your pet include poop bags, treats, food, water, toys, first-aid kits, any necessary medications, sunscreen, insect repellant for pets, your pet’s picture, and ID tags.

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