Your Winter Fashion Survival Guide

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We all know winter can be cold, miserable and ugly…but it doesn’t have to be. We at I on The Scene bring you our best tips for looking good and staying warm this winter.

When it comes to that all famous wind from the Great Lakes there is one simple rule to stick to in order to stay warm….layering! One long sleeved base layer with a wool sweater and a wind proof jacket can leave you as snug as can be without feeling like the Michelin man because of the thick and heavy layers you think you might need to stay warm. But get clever with your layering, if you’re in Jeans throw a pair of stocking or tights on underneath, believe us your ankles and your thighs will love you for it.

Secondly, think about your exposed areas such as your face, ears and lips. Try and find a lib palm with SPF in it, because even though the wind and the cold may fool you, the sun still shines and you have to protect those lips of yours (especially for any mistletoe that may creep up on you unexpectedly). Next up your ears, we recommend over the ear headphones. This way if you usually listen to music on your commute you also keep those little tinkers warm, by using Bluetooth/ wireless earmuffs and you can listen and stay in control all the way to work.Winter  

Moving on to the main event, your coat, make sure you have that staple that works for you and can go with any color scheme.There is no skimming on the budget when it comes to your winter jacket so be prepared to fork out some dough for a good one. For us there is one that is superior to all…


If you have the cash (or a Christmas list) then Canada Goose Jackets will cover you from head to toe, almost like a hug in a jacket. Not only that, but they look great if you can take the hit of over $900 a jacket.

Lastly don’t forget about the little guys! Your hands, and more importantly, your fingers! You can pick up gloves from CVS or most stores now that have touchscreen friendly finger pads, so you can stay connected on the go. Then last but not least those toes of yours…try and get woollen socks to go under any boot/shoe you may be wearing, with a fur cuff in the cold/snow because of their durability and great traction, as well as looking great at the same time. Winter

So there you have it, the I on The Scene guide to warmth and style this winter. We hope you enjoy the holidays as warmly as possible!


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